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Home Care Newsletter Archive 2008 to Present

Home Care Newsletter Archive 2008 to Present

Visiting Angels Newsletter Archive: 2008 to Present

A collection of our New Jersey Home Care newsletters from 2008 to present


Spring 2024: 6 Reasons Seniors May Lose Their Appetite; 3 Tips for Seniors and Family Caregivers to Get Better Sleep; Gadget Corner: Convertible Cane with Seat and Motion-Activated Soap Dispenser Nightlight; Visiting Angels Home Care Review: M.T. in Browns Mills, NJ; CHHA Employee of the Season: Veronica T; Spring Celebrity Birthdays; Senior Humor: Spring Jokes; Angel Recipes: Sunday Brunch Casserole. Read the issue here.

Winter 2024: Losing Weight After 65: Health Benefits and Strategies; How to Help Senior Parents Downsize Their Home; Gadget Corner: Sharper Image Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Fire Pit Bowl and Microwaveable Heat Therapy Foot Booties; Visiting Angels Home Care Review: Elizabeth in NJ; CHHA Employees of the Month: Lois A and Judith W; Senior Humor: Camping; Angel Recipes: Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Taco Soup; Celebrity Birthdays

November/December 2023: A Holiday Message from Visiting Angels; 10 Tips to Show Your Gratitude Each and Every Day When It Comes to Elders; Senior Humor: Snow Humor; 10 Holiday Activities Older Adults Will Enjoy; Angel Recipes: Awesome and Easy Corn Casserole; Client Testimonial: Kristin from Burlington, NJ; Outstanding CHHA Caregivers of the Month: Paula M and Jennifer A; Gadget Corner: Birdie Personal Safety Alarm and Sharper Image LED Hand Pain Relief Mitten

September/October 2023: Engaging Activities for Seniors; Foot Problems in the Elderly and Fall Risk; Gadget Corner: Fresh Cut Paper Flowers and Victor 8-in-1 Music System; Visiting Angels NJ Client Review: Sharon from West Windsor, NJ; Angel Employees of the Month: Shirley P and Ophelia C; Senior Humor: An Autumn Drive; Angel Recipes: Slow Cooker Pumpkin Turkey Chili

July/August 2023: Fun Things To Do Around New Jersey This Summer; Senior Humor: The Best Son; Balance and Strength May Reduce Fall Risk for Seniors; 4 Ways to Improve a Senior's Indoor Environment; Angel Recipes: Cherry Tomato Salad; Gadget Corner: Link Latch and Twinkle Star Emergency Roadside Flare; Angels Who Soar: Outstanding CHHA Caregiver Employees of the Month—Sherley J-G and Audrey "Niqqie" L; Client Review: Nancy C from Hamilton, New Jersey; What's Happening at Visiting Angels: Congratulations to our Co-Owners, Nora + Rudy!

May/June 2023: 4 Healthy Habits for Seniors to Keep Sharp; 6 Legal Documents Seniors Should Have; Gadget Corner: Storyworth Personal Memoir Books and Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder; Client Home Care Review: Tom C, Princeton, NJ; Home Health Aide Employees of the Month: Patricia L and Rosina A; Senior Humor: A Perfect Marriage?; Angel Recipes: Cucumber and Onion Salad; Celebrity Birthdays

March/April 2023: 5 Super Foods for Older People; 4 Tips to Help Seniors Practice Good Oral Hygiene; Gadget Corner: Scrubzz Rinse-Free Bath Sponge and Lexie B2 OTC Hearing Aide Powered by Bose; Visiting Angels Client Review: Claudia G, Ewing, NJ; Outstanding Angels of the Month: Grace P and Shirley M; Senior Humor: The Dress; 50 Years Ago: 1973 Trivia; Angel Recipes: Chicken, Asparagus, and Mushroom Skillet

January/February 2023: Senior Humor: The Honeymoon's Over; Preventative Nail Care for Seniors; 7 Bathroom Safety Tips to Prevent Falls and Injuries; Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Chicken Vegetable Soup; Client Review of Visiting Angels' Care: Kim G from Pennington, NJ; Gadget Corner: Seronic Dialogue Enhancing Portable TV Speaker and Presto Plug Outlet Extender; Angels of the Month: Jesus "Maria" T. and Milagros "Millie" A.

November/December 2022: Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress for Seniors; Bedroom Safety Tips for Seniors; Angel Recipe: Slow Cooker Lasagna; Gadget Corner: Zippo HeatBank 6 Rechargeable Hand Warmer and Gripperz Spill-Proof Cup Holder; Senior Humor: The Pet; Client Review: Nancy M from Cherry Hill, NJ; Outstanding Employees: Jocina H and Josephine V

September/October 2022: The Impact Grandchildren Can Have in Senior Care; Appliances That Promote Senior Safety and Accessibility; Senior Humor: The Text; Angel Recipes: Easy Apple Coleslaw; Gadget Corner: Kuhn Rikon 5-in-1 Master Opener and Special Edition Scrub Daddy; Angels Who Soar: Celebrating Our Hardworking Employees: Wislaine A. and Veronica T.; 50 Years Ago: Emmy Awards; Client Home Care Review: Liza G from Pennington

July/August 2022: Fun things to do in NJ in July and August; Senior Humor: Senior Aerobics; How to Help Seniors with Hoarding Problems with video; Angel Recipes: Cheese Tortellini with Tomatoes and Corn; 10 Benefits of Swimming; Gadget Corner: Lift Lender and Bug Bite Thing; Client Testimonial: Lisa in Beverly, NJ; July-August Celebrity Birthdays; Angels Who Soar Employees of the Month: Jeilyn and Amal; Recognizing Our Long Service Caregivers

May/June 2022: 7 Ways Caregivers Can Support Seniors with Insomnia; 6 Tips to Prevent and Manage Anger and Dementia; Senior Humor: How the Fight Started; Client Testimonial: Karen from Willingboro, NJ; Celebrity Birthdays; Angels Who Soar: Honoring our Hardworking CHHA Caregiver Employees—Featuring Yan D and Charma R; Celebrating Our RN Team on National Nurses Week; Angel Recipes: Pork Souvlaki; Gadget Corner: Black & Decker 3-in-1 Lawn Mower/Trimmer/Edger and Moen Home Care Adjustable Securelock Tub Grip

March/April 2022: Easy-to-Grow Indoor Plants for Seniors ; How to Help Seniors Manage Headaches and Migraines; Gadget Corner: Kohler Hyten Elevated Quiet Close Toilet Seat and Worx Landroid Robotic Mower; Angels Who Soar: Outstanding Employees Joanna W and Rose A; Client Testimonial: Vito T, Moorestown, NJ; Angel Recipe: Asparagus with Tomatoes; Senior Humor: Late Night Lecture; 50 Years Ago: 1972 Trivia; March/April Celebrity Birthdays. Read the March/April issue.

January/February 2022: 8 Simple Bed Exercises; 8 Brain Boosting Foods; Angel Recipes: Crock Pot Party Meatballs; Senior Humor: 50th Anniversary Gift; Gadget Corner: Drive Nitro Duet Rollator/Transport Chair and Apple AirTag; Client Testimonial: Diane L, Moorestown, NJ; Employee Spotlight: Elsy R. and Judith W. Read the January/February issue.

November/December 2021: Why Vitamin D Is Important for Seniors; 5 Ways to Help Battle Seniors’ Holiday blues; Gadget Corner: Swing-A-Way Jar/Bottle Cap Opener, Multi-Mitt Gloves with Cell Phone Pocket, and Clipperpro Rotating Nail Clipper; Client Testimonial: Diana B from Lawrenceville; Employee Spotlight: Felicia P and Rebecca C; Senior Humor: The Big Sale; Angel Recipes: Corn Casserole; November/December Celebrity Birthdays. Read the November/December issue.

September/October 2021: What Snoring May Mean for A Senior's Health; 9 Music Therapy Benefits for Seniors; Gadget Corner: Warmies Neck Wraps and Facebook Portal Video Calling Device; Client Review: Sharon from Lawrenceville, NJ; September/October Celebrity Birthdays; Angels Who Soar—Outstanding CHHA Employees: Mariama and Celine; Senior Humor: Before HIPAA; Angel Recipes: Fall Chicken-Apple Sausage Skillet Dinner. Read the September/October 2021 issue.

July/August Newsletter 2021: Simple Exercises Seniors Can Do At Home; Keeping Seniors Safe In the Summer; Angel Recipes: Red, White, and Blueberry Grilled Chicken; Senior Humor: Her Husbands; Gadget Corner: Rechargeable Dimmable LED Light Bulbs and Simple Music Player; Client Testimonial: Kim from Riverside, NJ; Celebrity Birthdays; Outstanding Angels Who Soar: Tanya J-E and Dee P; Spotlighting Our Visiting Angels Nursing Team; Read the July/August issue today.

May/June Newsletter 2021: 5 Things NOT to Say to An Aging Parent Relying On You for Care; 6 Outdoor Activities for Seniors and Caregivers; Senior Humor: The Student Nurse; Angel Recipes: Chopped Vegetable Salad with Garlic Dressing; Gadget Corner: Weighted Giving Heart Pillow and DynaShield Mosquito Repellent; Angels Who Soar: Celebrating Our Hardworking Employees: Paule A and Marian M; Client Testimonial: Wendy T from Burlington County, NJ. Read the May/June issue today.

March/April 2021: 5 Ways to Deal With Dementia and Confusion in Seniors; 7 Common Myths About Aging; Senior Humor: Self-Service Gas; Comics: Pencil Computer and Uploading to the Cloud; Angel Recipes: Brazilian Tomato Slaw; Client Testimonial: Mark S from Hopewell, NJ; Gadget Corner: Anywear Hands Free Neck Light and Car Cane Vehicle Handle Assist; Angels Who Soar Outstanding Employees: Dornell Y-J and Patricia L; March/April Celebrity Birthdays; Listen to the Visiting Angels' Jingle. Read the March/April issue today!

January/February 2021: Common Winter Hazards; Fire Safety Tips for Seniors; Angel Recipes: Slow Cooker Zucchini Soup; Client Testimonial: Roger M, Mount Holly, NJ; Gadget Corner: Power Pod Phone Charger Keychain and Beyond Bright LED Garage Light; Senior Humor: Speed Limit; Employee Spotlight: Fritza C and Patience A; Celebrity Birthdays; NJ Covid-19 Information Hub. Read the January/February 2021 today!

November/December 2020: 7 Safety Risks Caregivers See In Seniors’ Homes; Skin Protection in Seniors: What You Need To Know; How to Cope With Holiday Family Gatherings and the Coronavirus Pandemic; Gadget Corner: Joy For All Companion Pet Pup and Slice Box Cutter; Client Testimonial: Long Term Client in Mercer County; Angels Who Soar Employee Spotlight: Becky C and Thaera I; Senior Humor: Fried Eggs; Comics: Diet and Cutting-edge Formula; Angel Recipe: Simple Roasted Butternut Squash; Celebrity Birthdays; November/December Word Search; We’re Thankful! Read the November/December 2020  issue.

September/October 2020: When Seniors Want To Social Distance—and Others Don't; Elderspeak: What It Is and Why It Can Be Harmful; Senior Humor: Sherlock Holmes' Camping Trip; Angel Recipes: Apple Pumpkin Pie Smoothie; Client Testimonial: Buddy from Pennington NJ; Gadget Corner: Clever Tongs 2-in-1 Kitchen Spatula and E-Z Riser Mobility Device; Angels Who Soar Outstanding Employees: Linda J and Jacqueline A; Autumn Word Scramble. Read the September/October issue today.

July/August 2020: 6 Safety Tips for Seniors and Family Caregivers During Covid-19 Reopening; Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders in Seniors; Senior Humor: Restaurant Humor; Angel Recipes: Grilled Corn Salad; Client Testimonial: Debbie in Mercer County; Gadget Corner: LampCharger Light Socket USB Charging Station and Mask Extenders/Ear Savers; Angels Who Soar Outstanding Employees: Marie E and Lyndsey B; Celebrity Birthdays; Summer Safety Word Search; Thanks to Our Caregiver Angels. Read our July/August Newsletter today!

May/June 2020: Marco Rubio Expresses Thanks to Visiting Angels Caregivers; 7 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Routine During Covid-19;  4 Ways Gardening Can Help Seniors Stay Active; Gadget Corner: Cordless Weatherproof Outdoor Rechargeable Lamp and 6-Foot Tall Inflatable Dartboard Game; Client Testimonial: Troy from Pemberton, NJ; Summer At Home Word Search; Angels Who Soar Outstanding Employees: Shirley P and Shirley M; Celebrating Visiting Angels' Nursing Team; Our Angel Healthcare Heroes; Mask Heroes To Our Rescue; Angle Recipes: Tuna Antipasto Salad Bowl; Senior Humor: Movies and Caramel. Read our May/June Newsletter today!

March/April 2020: 6 Coronavirus Scams and Hoaxes Targeting Older Adults; Take Care of Your Emotional Health; Gadget Corner: Aqua Joe Telescoping Tripod Lawn & Garden Sprinkler and TushBaby Baby Carrier; Client Testimonial: Pam from Mercer County, NJ; 10 Ways Family Caregivers (and Visiting Angels Caregivers) Can Help Seniors During Coronavirus Outbreak; Angels Who Soar Outstanding Employees: Jerrett Q and Sherley G; Office News: Staff Working From Home; Our Angel Healthcare Heroes; March Community Resource Bulletin: Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and April: Cancer Control Month; Senior Humor: Getting Older; Angel Recipes: DoubleTree's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. Read the March/April 2020 issue of Home Care News by Angels.

January/February 2020: Visiting Angels Awarded "Caring Super Star of 2020”, 5 Ways to Avoid Heart Disease In Women, 6 Tips to Avoid Winter Hydration, Gadget Corner: 911 Help Now Auto Rescue Tool with Voice Communication and Kuhn Rikon Scoop and Strain Set, Angel Recipe: Velvety Chicken Corn Soup, Client Testimonial: JC in Hamilton Square, NJ, Senior Humor: Winter Humor, Angels Who Soar: Tenneh M and Aleia W. Read the January/February issue of Home Care News by Angels.

November/December 2019: 18 Fun Thanksgiving Games; Making the Holidays More Enjoyable for Seniors; Gadget Corner: 60Up Balance Board and Shavel Micro Flannel Heated Foot Warmer; Senior Humor: Animals Everywhere; Employee Spotlight: Felicia P and Shawna W; November/December Word Scramble; Angel Recipe: Sweet Potato Chili; Client Testimonial: DB in Lawrenceville, NJ. Read the November/December issue today.

October 2019: 5 Early Warning Signs of Pneumonia; Gadget Corner: Homedics SoundSpa Slumber Scents Alarm Clock and Sun Joe Walk Behind Leaf Mulcher Blower Vacuum; Client Testimonial: Wendy in Ewing, NJ; Employee Spotlight: Taye J; October Word Scramble; Angel Recipes: Apple Honey Glazed Chicken; Senior Humor: Traffic Camera. Read the October issue today.

September 2019: Getting A Good Night’s Sleep; Gadget Corner: GoGoGrandparent: Uber and Lyft Pickups Without A Smartphone; TableCoaster, Client Testimonial: JC, Hamilton Square, NJ; Employee Spotlight: Lois A and Judith W; Senior Humor: Corney Jokes; Angel Recipes: Autumn Waldorf Salad. Read the September issue today.

August 2019: Protect Against Shingles; Senior Humor: The Anniversary Gift; Angel Recipes: Peach and Tomato Caprese Salad; Client Testimonial: DK from Hamilton; Gadget Corner: inShield Wiper and Motion Sensor LED Bulbs; Employee Spotlight: Joel J and Iris M; August Community Resource Bulletin: Psoriasis Awareness Month. Read the August issue of Home Care News by Angels.

July 2019: Sandwich Generation Month; Gadget Corner: Blend Jet One Portable Rechargeable Blender and Luminara Flameless Candle; How To Reduce Anxiety At Night; Employee Spotlight: Carla A and Alice N; Client Testimonial: Deborah from Hamilton; Angel Recipe: Summer Rainbow Salad; Senior Humor: The Secret To A Happy Marriage; Announcing Our Accreditation! Read the July issue of Home Care News by Angels.

June 2019: 9 Summer Precautions; WaterSeals Locking Backpack and HoMedics Air  Compression Back Stretching Mat; Client Testimonial: Lori from Hamilton; Employee Spotlight: Babajide K and Barbara K; Father’s Day Word Search; Senior Humor: The Pick-Up Line; Angel Recipes: Garden Veggie Pizza Square. Read the June issue of Home Care News by Angels.

May 2019: Thyroid and Aging; Gadget Corner: Blackout Buddy Emergency Flashlight and AccuVoice AV200 TV Speaker; Client Testimonial; Employee Spotlight: Gloria A and Inora L; Mother’s Day Word Search; Angel Recipes: Chicken Asparagus Roll-ups; Senior Humor: Her Best Shot; Nurses Week Spotlight. Read the May issue of Home Care News by Angels.

April 2019: 6 Tips for Spring Cleaning with Seniors in Mind; Gadget Corner: Doorhickey Sliding Door Lever and Retro Radio Bluetooth Speaker; Angels Who Soar: Elba Z and Maleekia C; April is Distracted Driving Month; Angel Recipe: Spring Strawberry Salad with Chicken and Pecans. Read the April issue of Home Care News by Angels.

March 2019: 6 Ways to Help Seniors Lessen the Risk of Spring Activities; Gadget Corner: Nitey Leash and Spear Head Mini Shovel and Spade; Client Testimonial: Joanne; Outstanding Employees: Rose A and Amelia Y; Spring Word Search; Senior Humor: Silly Jokes; Angel Recipe: Shredded Potato Salmon Cakes. Read the March issue of Home Care News by Angels.

February 2019: 6 Tips for Surviving Winter With A Smile, Gadget Corner: EZY Dose Pill Suite and National Tree Company Indoor/Outdoor Artificial Juniper Shrub; Client Review; Outstanding Angels: Jackie H and Paula E; Outstanding Angels of 2018; Valentine’s Day Word Search; Angel Recipe: Strawberry Raspberry Smoothie; Senior Humor: Three Brothers. Read the February Home Care News by Angels today!

January 2019: 4 Ways to Intervene In Your Older Parent’s Unhealthy Habits; Gadget Corner: Zippered Compression Socks and My Buckle Mate Seat Belt Holder; Client Testimonial: Francis from Cinnaminson; Outstanding Employees: Donna K and Joanne B; New Year’s Word Scramble; Senior Humor: Dirty Laundry; Angel Recipe: Crisp Winter Apple Salad. Read the January issue of Home Care News by Angels today.

December 2018: Making the Holidays Enjoyable for Seniors; Gadget Corner: Snow and Ice Cleats and Scalloped Safe Grabs; Senior Humor: Ear Muffs; Outstanding Employees: Delores M and Tatiaira P; Holiday Word Search; Angel Recipe: Butternut Squash and Apple Soup; Community Resource Bulletin: Stress-Free Holidays. Read the December issue of Home Care News by Angels.

November 2018: Understanding “Veterans Culture” When Caring for An Aging Veteran; Gadget Corner: Blood Pressure Monitor and Mylar Gift Bags; Client Review: Ericka; Outstanding Employees: Kwame O and Yan D; Angel Recipe: Cranberry and Turkey Salad; Thanksgiving Word Search; Read the November issue of Home Care News by Angels.

October 2018: Best Way to Avoid Hospital Readmission; Gadget Corner: Tidy Tool Yard Cleaner and EyeVac Touchless Vacuum; Senior Humor: Dog for Sale; Client Review: Vivian from Bordentown; Outstanding CHHA Employees: Shushana F and Abena B; Birthday Celebrations at the Office; Angel Recipe: Easy Chicken and Gnocchi Soup. Read the October issue of Home Care News by Angels.

September 2018: 5 Remedies for Insomnia; Gadget Corner: The Landle-Adjustable Lifting Strap with Handles and Bernini Hanging Fountain & Bird Feeder; Senior Humor: Technology; Outstanding CHHA Employees: Johnny W and Shamira B; Office Celebrations: Megan’s Farewell and Melissa’s Birthday; Angel Recipe: Apple Avocado Breakfast Salad; Community Resource Bulletin: September—Healthy Aging Month. Read the September issue today.

August 2018: What to Do When Your Older Parent Starts Getting Lost; Angels Who Soar: Edith C and Arnell Y; Meet Our Care Management Team; Senior Humor: A Long Day; Gadget Corner: Mattress Genie and Revolve Surge Protector and USB Charger; Angel Recipes: Peach Glazed BBQ Chicken; Client Testimonial: Grace; August Community Resource Bulletin: Immunization Awareness Month. Read the August issue today!

July 2018: The Benefits and Dangers of Sunlight; Gadget Corner: Robotic Lawnmower and Little Giant Safety Step Ladder; Client Testimonial: Dwight, Trenton; Angels Who Soar: Joy A and Henrietta G; Senior Humor: Baseball in Heaven. Read the July issue today!

June 2018: Handling Hoarding and Self-Neglect; Father's Day Gift Ideas; Client Testimonial: Deb, Hamilton; Senior Humor: At the Doctor; Angels Who Soar: Nathalie F and Judith W; June Community Resource Bulletin: National Safety Month–Personal Safety for Seniors. Read the June issue today!

May 2018:10 Critical Safety Tips to Fall-Proof Your Home; Senior Humor: Locked Out; Mother's Day Advice and Gift Ideas; May Community Resource Bulletin: Older Americans Month; Gadget Corner: Aqua Joe Adjustable Sprinkler and Bernini Self-Contained Fountain Tower; Employee Spotlight: Dee P and Paule A; Client Testimonial: Bonnie M, Ewing NJ; Angel Recipes: Amazing Toffee. Read the May issue today!

April 2018: 4 Ways Seniors Can Live Green: Gadget Corner: SunJoe Power Pruner and Garden Pot Mover with Adjustable Handle; Client Testimonial: Mary, Hamilton; 6 Strategies For Communicating With A Person Who Has Dementia; Employee Spotlight: Aline D and Jeilyn F; April Trivia; Community Resource Bulletin: Cancer Awareness Month; Senior Humor: Senior Driver; Happy Springtime from Max. Read the April issue today!

March 2018: Managing Fibromyalgia; 10 Tips for Helping Seniors Eat More; 1968 Trivia; Angel Recipes: Tuna Burger; Gadget Corner: Vertex Garden Rocker Comfort Seat and Timeslide Home Album Reminisce Activity; Senior Humor: Frozen to Death; March Celebrity Birthdays; Client Testimonial: Karen V, Marlton; Employee Spotlight: Patricia L and Maria E; 10 Tips to Get Older Seniors to Eat; March Community Resource Bulletin: Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month; Happy March from Max. Read the March issue today!

February 2018: 7 Tips for Winter Survival; Heart Disease Awareness for Women; Gadget Corner: Power Failure LED Night Lights and Day Clock with Battery Backup; February Employee Spotlight: Nicole G and Claudette H; Client Testimonial: Sharon from Hainesport; Angel Recipes: Black Bean Salsa; Senior Humor: Valentine’s Day Humor; Academy Awards Trivia; February Community Resource Bulletin: American Heart Month; Happy Valentine’s Day from Max. Read the February issue today!

January 2018: Visiting Angels Awarded “Caring Star Agency” for the Second Year In A Row; 4 Tips for a Clean House; New Year’s Trivia; Gadget Corner: Heated Wrap and Call Blocker; Senior Humor: New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep; January Employee Spotlight: Peter B and Shennel C; Angel Recipes: Aloha Chicken Salad; Client Testimony: Louis; January Community Resource Bulletin: Emergency Preparedness; Happy New Year from Max; Read the January issue today!

December 2017: 10 Realistic Ways to Manage Caregiver Stress; Senior Humor: A Cold Home; Gadget Corner: Snow Joe Shovelution Snow Shovel and PillPack Full Service Pharmacy; Angel Recipes: Shortcut Apple Kuchen; Client Testimonial: Jack from Columbus, NJ; December Employee Spotlight: Susan R and Shandel A; Holiday Trivia; Sales and Marketing News. Click to read the December issue today!

November 2017: Making the Most of Visits to Older Parents; Gadget Corner: HandsOn Gloves and GrabIt Ratcheting Tool; Angels Who Soar: Natacha L. and Nancy C.; Veterans Day: Honoring All Who Served; Client Review: Heather from Lawrenceville, NJ; Angel Recipes: Cheesy Potato Bake; Senior Humor: The Dentist; November Community Resource Bulletin: Alzheimer’s Awareness Month; Thanksgiving Survey; Happy Thanksgiving from Max; Read the November Issue today!

October 2017:5 Autumn Driving Tips; Helping Seniors with Autumn Yard Work; Pumpkin Trivia; Gadget Corner: Lantern Heater and Inverted Umbrella; Employee Spotlight: Joel J and Josephine B; Angel Recipes: Pumpkin Squares; Client Review: Jan F from Burlington, NJ; October Community Resource Bulletin: Long-Term Care Planning Month; Our Office Mascot, Max: Happy October. Read the October issue today!

September 2017: Is Someone You Love In Danger? In-home safety supervision will help; Gadget Corner: WiFi Smart Plugs and SockSlider; Spotlight of Outstanding Angels: Michelle D. and Mohamed M.; Fibromyalgia Care and Tips; Client Review: Maria M.; Angel Recipes: Rice Crust Pizza; Senior Humor: In Her Dreams; Celebrity Birthdays Over 50; Grandparents Day Sept. 10; September Community Resource Bulletin: Healthy Aging Month; Happy September Birthday to Our Co-Owners. Read the September issue today!

August 2017: Tips to Stay Safe in the Summer Heat; Senior Humor: Neighbor's Debt; August Celebrity Birthdays; Gadget Corner: Oxo Good Grips Garden Scissors and Fire Avert Electric Stove Safety; Angels Who Soar: Lyndsey B and Monica B; Angel Recipes: Mock Crab Salad; Client Testimonial: Dee, Willingboro; 8 Ways to Tell if A Family Member is Feeling Lonely Or Isolated; August Community Resource Bulletin: Psoriasis Awareness Month; August 22 is Be An Angel Day; Visiting Angels' Office Mascot, Max: Happy August. Read the August issue today!

July 2017: Invest In Your Health and Gain 12 Benefits from Walking Daily; Gadget Corner: Wrap-It Heavy Duty Storage Straps and EZ Moves Furniture Slides; Senior Humor: Baseball in Heaven; July Celebrity Birthdays; Angel Recipes: Pepper Cabbage; Angels Who Soar: Celebrating Our Outstanding Employees Ophelia C. and Kumba G; Client Testimonial: Susan in Bordentown, NJ; How to Beat the Summer Heat While Living With Respiratory Issues; Fourth of July Trivia; Staff Anniversary: Ana B.; July Community Resource Bulletin: Sandwich Generation Month; Happy 4th of July from Max, our office mascot. Read the July issue today!

June 2017: Beware of Senior Scams, Gadget Corner: Kuhn Rikon Snips and Loctote Flak Sack; Angels Who Soar: Fatumata B. and Lakeya K.; 6 Outdoor Activities for Seniors and Caregivers; June is Men's Health Month; Angel Recipes: Pea Salad; Father's Day Trivia; June Community Resource Bulletin: Summer Safety for Seniors; Client Testimonial: Nancy from Lindenwold, NJ; Senior Humor: New Dads; Visiting Angels Office Mascot, Max. Read the June issue today!

May 2017: 10 Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp; Gadget Corner: Seedsheet and Banjee Wrist Wallet; Angels Who Soar: Gloria A. and Marie B.; Elder Care Strategies for Vision Impaired Seniors; Senior Humor: Stingy Old Lawyer; May Celebrity Birthdays; Angel Recipes: Bok Choy Salad; Client Testimonial: Krissa from Medford, NJ; Happy May from Max; May Community Resource Bulletin: Older Americans Month--Age Out Loud; Mother's Day Trivia. Read the May issue today!

April 2017 : 5 Ways to Beat Loneliness in Seniors, Gadget Corner: The Fidget Cube and Silicone No Mess Cooking Utensils, Senior Humor: Taglines About Growing Older, April Celebrity Birthdays, Angel Recipes: Cucumber Cream Cheese Spread, Angels Who Soar: Celebrating our hardworking Angels. This month: Esther R. and Claudette H., Grocery Delivery Services in Mercer & Burlington Counties, Client Testimonial, 1967 Trivia, Max Enjoying Spring, April Community Resource Bulletin: Parkinson's Awareness Month. Read the April issue now!

March 2017:3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors’ Homes; Gadget Corner: Digital Day Clock and Roll N Kneel 4-in-1 Garden Stool; Senior Humor: Fried Eggs; March Celebrity Birthdays; Angels Who Soar: Hawa D. and Shayla R.; Angel Recipes: Apple-Honey Glazed Chicken; Client Testimonial: Kathy from Princeton, NJ; Mediterranean Diet Helps Prevent Cognitive Decline; 1967 Trivia; and more. Read the March issue today!

February 2017: 6 Ways to Prevent Age-Related Eye Problems; Gadget Corner: Magic Mattress Life and Easy to Read Dot-to-Dot books; Angels Who Soar: Carla A. and Kwasi B.; 5 Ways to Show Your Love Without Words; February Trivia Quiz; February Community Bulletin: February Heart Month; Angel Recipes: Shrimp Dip; Client Testimonial: Florence from Hamilton; Max: Happy Valentine's Day. Read the February issue today!

January 2017:5 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors; Gadget Corner: Safe Grabs and Get Up and Go Cane; Senior Humor: A Perfect Marriage?; January Celebrity Birthdays; Angel Recipes: Balsamic Pork Chops; Client Testimonial: George, Bordentown, NJ; Angels Who Soar: Ben W-S. and Aeysha G.; Protect Your Family's Health This Year with 5 Food Safety Tips; New Year Trivia; January Community Resource Bulletin: Fighting Post-Holiday Depression; Office Mascot, Max: Happy January; Happy New Year from Office Staff (photos). Read the January newsletter!

December 2016: 5 Alzheimer’s Holiday Survival Tips; Gadget Corner: Anker Compact Car Jump Starter and Portable Charger, Aqua Dog Portable Water Mug for Dogs, Joy For All Companion Pet; Angels Who Soar: Gertrude A. and Natalie J; 5 Tips for Simple Holiday Entertaining; Senior Humor: Lost Purse; December Celebrity Birthdays; Angel Recipes: Praline-topped Brie; Christmas Carol Challenge game; Happy Holidays from Max; Community Resource Bulletin: Stress-Free holidays. Read the December newsletter today!

November 2016: Visiting Angels Receives Honor for Senior Care Service Excellence; 6 Flu Prevention Tips for Seniors; Gadget Corner: Baseboard Buddy and Handy Heater; Angels Who Soar: George A and Johnnie F; Senior Humor: Stuffing; November Celebrity Birthdays; Client Testimonial; Angel Recipe: Applesauce Sweet Potatoes; Thanksgiving Trivia; What's Happening at Visiting Angels: Staff Anniversary; Happy Thanksgiving from Max; November Community Resource Bulletin: Honoring Our Veterans. Read the November issue today.

October 2016: 8 Ways to Prevent Wandering in Seniors With Dementia; Senior Humor: The Game; Angel Recipes: Tuna Burger; Client Testimonial: Debbie in Ewing; October Celebrity Birthdays; Gadget Corner: Lay-N-Go Bags and Flip-It! Cap; Angels Who Soar: Esther B and Denise T; October 15th is Global Handwashing Day; 50 Years Ago Trivia; October Fun with Max; October Community Resource Bulletin: Long-Term Care Planning Month; What's Happening at Visiting Angels: Nora's Birthday Celebration

September 2016: Cold and Flu Season Is Around the Corner; Gadget Corner: UpCart and Over-the-Washer Shelf; Client Testimonial Cynthia from Browns Mills; National Thank You Day; Angels Who Soar: Tharea; 50 Years Ago Trivia; Senior Humor: The Old Timers' Right; Angel Recipes: Chilled Pea Salad; Celebrity Birthdays; Happy Labor Day from Max; September Community Resource Bulletin: Healthy Aging Month

August 2016:7 Places to Find Senior Discounts in NJ; Gadget Corner: Cooling Towels and Air Fryer; Client Testimonial: Valerie, Tabernacle; August 22 is Be An Angel Day; Angels Who Soar: Jumah; What's Happening At Visiting Angels: Summit Achievement Award; August Celebrity Birthdays; Angel Recipes: Apple Slaw; August Community Resource Bulletin: Immunization Awareness Month; Office Mascot, Max: Yoda

July 2016: Visiting Angels Voted #1 Best Place to Work; Gadget Corner: Brella Bag Hands-Free Umbrella and Sarah Oliver Handbags; Angels Who Soar: Tori H and Mekee K; 5 Questions to Ask Your Aging Parents About Their End-of-Life Wishes; Senior Humor: Senior Citizen Remixes; Client Testimonial: Gene in Cinnaminson, NJ; Angel Recipes: Marinated Tomatoes; July Celebrity Birthdays; Visiting Angels' Mascot, Max: Happy 4th of July; July Community Resource Bulletin: the Sandwich Generation Month. Read the July issue today!

June 2016: 3 Ways to Bring More Natural Light into Your Home; Gadget Corner: Hasbro "Joy for All" Companion Pets and Simply Fit Workout Board; Client Testimonial: Eileen from Hamilton, NJ; Angels Who Soar: Marie M and Ladie A; Senior Humor: Final Requests; Angel Recipe: Easy Impossible-Crust Coconut Pie; June Community Resource Bulletin: National Safety Month--Personal Safety for Seniors; Visiting Angels Mascot, Max: Max's Stinky Brother; What's Happening at Visiting Angels

May 2016:3 Ways to Welcome Spring to Your Home; Gadget Corner: Spear Head Garden Shovel and EZ Fold-N-Go Walker; Angels Who Soar: Nicole G and Nana K; Stroke Awareness Month; Client Testimonial; 4 Ways to Celebrate Mom; Senior Humor: White Hair; Angel Recipe: Chicken Picatta; May Celebrity Birthdays; May Community Resource: Older Americans Month; Office Mascot Max Taking It Easy; What's Happening at Visiting Angels: Job Fair Prize Winner

April 2016: Tips on Clearing Clutter and Downsizing; Gadget Corner: BackJoy SitSmart and Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer; Client Testimonial; Angels Who Soar--Celebrating Our Hardworking Employees; April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month; Earth Day Activities; April Recipes: Salmon Loaf with Cucumber Sauce; Senior Humor: Country Club; April Community Resource Bulletin: Cancer Control Month; Office Mascot Max; April Celebrity Birthdays. Read the April newsletter today.

March 2016: Sleep Awareness Week; Gadget Corner: Shoe Slotz and Touchless Trash Can; Appreciating Angels Who Soar; Senior Humor: Losing My Mind; Client Testimonial; Angel Recipes: Healthy Nut and Fruit Bars; March Celebrity Birthdays; 1940s Trivia; and Community Resource Bulletin: National Kidney Month.

February 2016: Keeping Seniors Safe During Winter Storms; Gadget Corner: Kohler Night Light Toilet Seat and Insulated Grab Bag; 18 Random Acts of Kindness; Senior Humor: Treadmill; Client Testimonial: Laura, Hamilton; Angel Recipe: Warm Crab & Artichoke Dip; Wear Red for Women; February Celebrity Birthdays; Max Enjoying the Snow; February Community Resource Bulletin: American Heart Month. Read the February newsletter today!

January 2016: 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Older Adults; Appreciating Angels Who Soar; Senior Humor: Last Words; Angel Recipes: Cabbage Soup; Gadget Corner: Kangaroo Keeper Purse Organizer and Chair Exerciser; January Celebrity Birthdays; Client Testimonial; January Community Resource Bulletin: Emergency Preparedness; Bathroom Safety Tips; Happy New Year from Visiting Angels Office Mascot, Max. Read the January issue today.

December 2015: 5 Ways to Make Holiday Entertaining Easier; Angels Who Soar; Senior Humor: DIY Holiday Decorating; Client Testimonial; Gadget Corner: Soup and Sandwich Serving Duo & Star Shower Laser Lights; Keeping Homebound Elders Active; Angel Recipes: Breakfast Casserole; December Celebrity Birthdays; Happy Holidays from Visiting Angels Office Mascot, Max. Read the December issue today.

November 2015: Honoring Veterans; Angels Who Soar; Gadget Corner: Rapid Ramen Cooker and GloveLite Flashlight; Balance Test to Predict Fall Risk; 1960s Trivia; Senior Humor: Shorter Password; Client Testimonial; Angel Recipe: Cream Cheese Cracker Spread; Celebrity Birthdays; November Community Resource Bulletin: Alzheimer's Awareness Month; Happy Thanksgiving from Visiting Angels Office Mascot, Max

October 2015:Angels Who Soar; Quick Health Care Clinics on the Rise in NJ; World Osteoporosis Day; Gadget Corner: FunBites Food Cutter & Gadget Grab Mobile Device Stand; Senior Humor: Exercise for People Over 50; Client Testimonial; Angel Recipe: Salmon and Linguine in Low-fat Creamy Sauce; October Celebrity Birthdays; 1950s Trivia; Visiting Angels Office Mascot: Turtle; October Community Resource Bulletin: Long Term Care Planning Month

September 2015: Remembering A Beloved 101-Year-Old Client; Cindy Williams Promotes Visiting Angels; Gadget Corner: Ring Video Doorbell and Car Cane; Grandparents Day; New Child Safety Seat Law in NJ; September Community Resource Bulletin: Healthy Aging Month; Angels Who Soar; Senior Humor: Insurance Claims; Celebrity Birthdays; Angel Recipe: Chicken Salad, Hawaiian Style; Visiting Angels Office Mascot: Happy Labor Day from Max

August 2015: How Your Name Reveals Your Age, Senior Humor: Quotes from Insurance Claims, Client Testimonial, Angel Recipe: Summer Squash Croquettes, Gadget Corner: Colorama Coloring Book for Adults and OXO Extendable Bath and Tile Scrubber, 6 Ways A Hearing Aid Can Improve Your Life, August Community Resource Bulletin: National Immunization Awareness Month, Visiting Angels' Office Mascot, Max: Max's Favorite Toy, What's Happening At Visiting Angels

July 2015 Newsletter: 9 Ways to Make Your Mornings Great; 5 Reasons Seniors Should Stay Hydrated This Summer; Senior Humor: Her Brother's Wedding; Angel Recipe: Strawberry Spinach Salad; Gadget Corner: Give A Tree Dedication and Hurricane Spin Mop; Client Testimonial; Community Resource Bulletin: UV Safety Month; Angel Mascot: Happy 4th of July from Max

June 2015 Newsletter: 6 High Calorie Healthy Foods for Thin, Frail Loved Ones; 13 Screenings for Men Over 50; Client Testimonial; Angel Recipe: Red Potatoes On-the-Grill; Senior Humor: How Old Are You?; Gadget Corner: TableMate Adjustable Table and SurLok Key Lockbox; June Community Resource Bulletin: Personal Safety for Seniors; Angel Mascot: Max Looking Adorable

May 2015 Newsletter: Mother's Day Survey; Senior Trivia; Senior Gadgets: Worx Aerocart and Retro Phone Bank; Client Testimonial; Angel Recipe: Layered Lettuce Salad; Senior Humor: Dinner Out; Community Resource Bulletin: Older Americans Month; Angel Mascot: Max Enjoying Spring; New Staff Members: Matt Govan and Katie Lyons

April 2015 Newsletter: 14 Tips to Protect Seniors from Fraud; 5 Natural Spring Cleaning Product "Recipes;" Gadget Corner: Weather Resistant Outdoor Step & Touchless Trash Can; Client Testimonial; Angel Recipe: 4 Bean Bake; Senior Humor: Golden Anniversary; New Facebook Company Page; Community Resource Bulletin: Parkinson's Awareness Month; Angel Mascot: Max Turns 1

March 2015 Newsletter: 8 Tips to Beat Winter Depression in Seniors; 7 Steps Toward Better Nutrition; Colorectal Cancer Month; Gadget Corner: NaturaCure Plantar Fasciitis Hot/Cold Therapy Socks and Jasmine Aroma Infuser; Angel Recipes: Gingered Broccoli, Senior Humor: Horse Bet; Client Testimonial; New Facebook Company Page; Angel Mascot: Max in the Angel Zone

February 2015 Newsletter: 9 Ways to Make Seniors Feel Special This Valentine's Day; Wear Red on February 6th for Women's Heart Disease Awareness; Senior Humor: Breakfast Special; Client Testimonial; Angel Recipes: Easy Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole; Gadget Corner: GlowCap Electronic Pill Reminder & OXO Good Grips Cord Catch; February Community Resource Bulletin: American Heart Month; Angel Mascot: Max Working Hard

January 2015 Newsletter: 10 Winter Driving Tips for Seniors; Gadget Corner: Delk FrostGuard Windshield Screen and OXO Good Grips POP Containers; 10 Ways to Prevent Bathroom Injuries; Senior Humor: Now Hearing Better; Client Testimonial; Angel Recipes: Pepper Pork Tenderloin Stew; Life-saving Angel Story: Edwin & Mr. H; Angel Mascot: Max Braves the Weather

December 2014 Newsletter: Stress-Free Holidays for Caregivers; Boomerang Giving; Gadget Corner: Touchless Thermometer and Portable Electronic Battery Charger; Client Testimonial; Senior Humor: Shoplifting; Life-saving Angel Story: Doris & Mrs. C; Angel Mascot: Happy Holidays from Max

November 2014 Newsletter: Honoring Our Veterans; Gadget Corner: Lively Activity Sensor and OXO Simply Tear Paper Towel Holder; Alzheimer's Awareness Month; Client Testimonial; Angel Recipes: Spinach Ball Appetizer; Senior Humor: A New Wine Variety; Angel Mascot: Max Enjoying Autumn

October 2014 Newsletter: October is Long Term Care Month; Gadget Corner: Women's Barefoot Slippers and Breast Cancer Awareness Folding Travel Cane; October 20 is World Osteoporosis Day; Angel Recipes: Orange Pork Chops; Senior Humor: Pumpkin Jokes, Client Testimonial; Angel Mascot: Max Gets A Haircut

September 2014 Newsletter: Celebrate National Grandparents Day, Cold & Flu Season Is Just Around the Corner, Fall Prevention Awareness Day, Senior Humor: The Golfers, Gadget Corner: iRobot Roomba Vacuum & Hand Held Shower Heads, Angel Recipes: Quick & Easy Apple Crisp; Angel Mascot: Max Enjoying Life

August 2014 Newsletter: 6 Ways to Keep Seniors from Being Bored and Withdrawn, Client Testimonial, Gadget Corner: Drive Exercise Peddler and Easy View HD Glare Blocker Visor, Senior Humor: Grandma, Angel Recipes: Low Fat Red Potato Salad

July 2014 Newsletter: 10 Ways to Cut Cooling Costs, Client Testimonial, Gadget Corner: Yonana's Dessert Maker, Paraffin Bath, Senior Humor: The Ring, Angel Recipes: Ramen Noodle Coleslaw

June 2014 Newsletter: Beware of Summer Heat, Nursing Assistants' Week, Gadget Corner: Furniture Fix and Stander Independence Bed Table, Senior Humor: Wrong Color Suit, Angel Recipes: Summer Broccoli Salad, June Community Resource Bulletin: National Safety Month

May 2014 Newsletter: Personal History Month, Burn-Injury Prevention, Senior Humor: The Inheritance, Gadget Corner: Drop Stop and Potato Express, Angel Recipes: Greek Salad, May Community Resource Bulletin: Older Americans Month

April 2014 Newsletter: Driver safety for older drivers, Activities to do with a senior loved one on Earth Day, Gadget Corner: Electric toothbrushes and Spring-action scissors, Angel Recipes: Tomato-Basil Bruschetta, April Community Resource Bulletin: Cancer Control Month, Senior Humor: Can You Hear Me Now?

March 2014 Newsletter: 15 Tips for When Your Older Parent Goes to the Doctor; 4 Tips for Overcoming Caregiver Stress; Gadget Corner: Carton Holder and Seat Belt Reach Handle; Senior Humor: A Fruity Story; Angel Recipes: Broiled Chicken in Herb Sauce; New Care Management Team Member: Denise M.

February 2014 Newsletter: 8 Night Driving Tips for Older Drivers, Gentle Fitness for Older People: Tai Chi and Yoga, Senior Humor: The Valentine’s Day Dance, Angel Recipes: Sweet Potato Sticks (February is National Sweet Potato Month!), Gadget Corner: Electronic Pill Reminder and AutoDrop and AutoSqueeze Eye Guide and Bottle Squeezer; New Care Management Team Member: Mindy L.

January 2014 Newsletter: 13 Tips for Communicating with Your Older Parent; Gadget Corner: Gleener: The Ultimate Fuzz Remover and Downton Abbey Jigsaw Puzzle; 10 Ways to Prevent Bathroom Injuries; Angel Recipe: Hearty Lentil Soup; Senior Humor: Puzzled

December 2013 Newsletter: Useful Holiday Gifts for Seniors; Gadget Corner: Keurig Brewer and Quirky Outlet Strip; Tips to Help Avoid Holiday Stress; Dehydration in Winter; Angel Recipe: Spiced Cranberry-Pineapple Hot Drink

November 2013 Newsletter: Take Time to Give Gratitude; Lung Cancer Awareness Month; Honoring Veterans Every Day; Pumpkin Raisin Cookie Recipe; Gadget Corner: Heated Rechargeable Foot Warmers and Elastic Shoelaces; Senior Humor: Late Night Lecture; What's Happening at Visiting Angels: New Care Management Staff Members

October 2013 Newsletter: October is Long Term Care Month; Gadget Corner: Bag-Mate Handle Carrier and CanGun1 Pistol Grip Spray Can Tool; October 20 is World Osteoporosis Day; Tips to Help Ease Arthritis Pain; Angel Recipes: Harvest Roasted Vegetables; Senior Humor: A Misunderstanding

September 2013 Newsletter: Grandparents Day; Fall Prevention Awareness; Senior Humor: What Was I Doing?; Gadget Corner: ReadeRest Eyeglasses Holder and Moen SecureLock Tub Grip; Angel Recipe: Grilled Vegetables; September Community Resource Bulletin: Healthy Aging Month

August 2013 Newsletter: Places to Visit in New Jersey; The Importance of Good Oral Hygiene, Gadget Corner: Medication Reminder Talking Alarm Clock and Magic Tap Automatic Drink Dispenser; Client Testimonial; Angel Recipe: Cool Cucumber Dip; August Community Resource Bulletin: Cataract Awareness Month

July 2013 Newsletter: Summer Travel Tips for Seniors; Healthy Joints Help Prevent Arthritis; Gadget Corner: Pocket Chair and Ergonomic Weed Eliminator; Senior Humor: A Well-Planned Life; Angel Recipes: Grape & Walnut Chicken Salad; July Community Resource Bulletin: UV Safety Month & Summer Dangers for Seniors; Office News: Flowers Every Month from a Family, Co-Owner Rudy Tervooren's outreach to the community, and Co-Owner Nora de Cárdenas' Care Management Team

May/June 2013 Newsletter: How To Express Your Love Without Saying A Word, Tips To Keep Your Hearing Healthy, Gadget Corner: Folding Travel Chair; Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes, Senior Humor: Aging Woes, Angel Recipes: Salmon Teriyaki with Mango Sauce, May Community Resource Bulletin: Older Americans Month

April 2013 Newsletter: Spring Cleaning with Natural Homemade Cleaners, Boomers Planning Their Own Funerals, Gadget Corner: Michael Graves Rotating Tub Rail & Weed Heat® Weed Killer, Senior Humor: End of Life Issues, Cranberry Chicken Salad, April Community Resource Bulletin: Cancer Control Month

March 2013 Newsletter: Senior Move Managers, Tips for Finding a New Physician, Gadget Corner: Swing-A-Way Cofort Grip Jar Opener, Staple Free Stapler, Visiting Angels featured on "Fox & Friends," Senior Humor: Student Nurse, Angel Food Cake Recipe, March Community Resource Bulletin: National Nutrition Month

February 2013 Newsletter: Flowers Aren't Just for Valentine's Day; Gadget Corner: Vicks HealthCheck Hygrometer and the Trudeau Graviti Battery Operated Pepper Mill; Senior Humor: Laziness; How Humidity Can Help Keep the Flu from Flourishing; Visiting Kitchens Recipe: Baked Sweet Potatoes; February Community Resource Bulletin: American Heart Month

January 2013 Newsletter: Older people and their sleep patterns; How to protect your family's health this year with five food safety tips; Senior Humor: the Proposal; Gadget Corner: Stereo turntable with AM/FM radio; OXO Good Grips Tea Kettle; What's Happening at Visiting Angels: Office staff holiday cheer; January Community Resource Bulletin--Fighting Post-Holiday Depression

December 2012 Newsletter: Tips to help make the holidays less stressful; Ways to help make your holiday entertaining easier in the kitchen; Gadget Corner: Leather Retro Digital Camera with Look-Through View Finder, Lighted Pill Box, and Motion Activated Light; Senior Humor: Holiday Sleepover

November 2012 Newsletter: Saluting Veterans on Veterans Day; Lung Cancer Awareness Month; Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month; Gadget Corner: Sabi's uniquely designed pill containers and The Drawstring Tool; Senior Humor: Medical Exam Humor

October 2012 Newsletter: Websites Connecting Family & Friends During Health Challenges; World Osteoporosis Day; October is Long-Term Care Planning Month; Gadget Corner: LED Peep Hole Viewer and Electronic Crossword Puzzle Dictionary; Senior Humor: Karl and Mily's Romance

September 2012 Newsletter: Celebrating Grandparents...on Grandparents Day and all month long!; Helpful information on Fall Prevention; This month's amazing gadgets: OXO's new no-spill ice cube tray & emPower!'s electronic-adjusting eye wear; Senior humor: A Florida woman called 911 to report her car had been broken into; Delicious recipe: roasted squash and eggplant casserole with chicken

August 2012 Newsletter: Buy in Bulk and Save; The Importance of Maintaining Activities As We Age; Vegetable Couscous Recipe; Featured Gadgets: Dyson Air Multiplier, Magic Opener

July 2012 Newsletter: Staying Hydrated In the Summer; Healthier Alternatives to Ice Cream; Blueberry-Mango Colada Salad Recipe; Featured Gadgets: AquaJogger® Bouyancy Belt/Front Porch Classics’ Lawn Bowling Set

June 2012 Newsletter: Senior Home Safety Tips; What Summer Family Get-Togethers May Reveal About Your Older Loved Ones; Fruit and Peanut Butter Dip Recipe; Featured Gadgets: Bionic Silver Golf Gloves/Playing Card Holder

May 2012 Newsletter: Alzheimer’s Disease Care Tips; Container Plants to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space; Featured Gadgets: Zadro Nano Handheld UV Disinfection Light Scanner/Maxell Ergomotion Mouse

April 2012 Newsletter: Top 5 Spring Allergy Mistakes to Avoid; 5 Simple Screenings for a Healthy Life; Featured Gadgets: SafeHip® Hip Protector/Tek Pal Universal Remote

March 2012 Newsletter: Redesigned Newsletter, Tips to Keep Healthy the Remainder of Winter; Senior Trivia; Featured Gadgets: The Hurry Cane/MedFlash Personal Health Manager

February 2012 Newsletter: 2011 Angel Recognition Awards; How to Cut Salt Out of Your Diet; How to Double Your Dollar; Beef Roast CrockPot recipe; Featured Gadgets: Electric Assisted Bicycle/LED Lamp and Flashlight by Daylight

January 2012 Newsletter: Winter Driving Safety Tips for Seniors; How to Live Longer and Love Every Minute; Cold Weather Safety Tips for Seniors; Beef Barley Soup Recipe; Featured Gadgets: Magic Tap Touch Light Dimmer/Walker Sneaker Guides/Digital Measuring Cup and Scale

December 2011 Newsletter: Make the Holidays Happy for Seniors; Holiday Tips for Caregivers; Holiday Activities Everyone Will Enjoy; Cranberry Sauce Recipe; Featured Gadgets: Loc8tor Lite Tracking Device/Retro Handset for Your Cell Phone/Dog Walker’s Dumbbells

November 2011 Newsletter: Taking the First Steps Toward Better Health; National Alzheimer’s Screening Day; Time to Stop Diabetes; Turkey Sandwich with Spicy Avocado Spread Recipe; Featured Gadgets: VIOLight Cell Phone Sanitizer, Digital Slide Show Brag Bags

October 2011 Newsletter: Tips for Making Every Morning a Good Morning; Before Stress Happens, Take 5 for Yourself, Living with Heart Failure; Pepper Crusted Chicken Recipe; Featured Gadgets: LoJack SafetyNet Tracking Device/Fred the Humidifier

September 2011 Newsletter: New Testimonial; Myths vs. Realities of Aging Test; Time for Your Flu Shot; Deviled Eggs With Angel Shrimp Recipe; Featured Gadgets: Invisia Collection Grab Bars, StrideLite Lighted Safety Umbrella

August 2011 Newsletter: How ICE On Your Cell Phone Can Help Save A Life, Good Vision Awareness, Scrambled Egg and Chicken Wrap Recipe; Featured Gadgets: OXO Big Button Soap-Lotion Dispenser/Bionic Garden Gloves

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