Helping Seniors in Richmond, VA and Nearby Areas Avoid Fall-Related Risks with At-Home Senior Care

Taking a fall can worsen your loved one’s quality of life. At-home senior care from Visiting Angels in Richmond, VA can help them stay safe in their own home

It goes without saying that taking a fall hurts, but for older adults, pain may be the least of their worries. Falling as an older adult can completely turn a senior's life upside-down. After taking a fall, many older adults change emotionally and socially.

Fall prevention solutions from Visiting Angels Richmond can keep your loved one safe so they can continue living out their golden years in their own home.

How Visiting Angels Helps Seniors in Richmond and Surrounding Areas Stay Safe

With many years of experience with providing at-home senior care services in the Richmond area, we have seen what taking a fall can do to seniors. Some seniors, out of the fear and anxiety that ensues after they take a fall, can completely withdraw into their homes, cutting themselves off from family, friends and other loved ones. Social isolation is something that plagues the senior community as is. We should always be working to make sure older adults are experiencing as little of it as possible and helping them prevent falls is a good place to start.

Although falls are a very scary prospect, the good news is that there is plenty that we can do to help make sure they never happen to your loved one. It is impossible, of course, to say with certainty that your loved one will never take a fall because accidents do happen, but we can get as close as possible.

How Do Falls Affect Seniors?

  • Over 30 percent of seniors take a fall each year and as many as 20 percent sustain serious injuries, including a broken hip, bone fracture or a concussion;
  • Research shows that once a senior falls, they have a higher chance of falling again;
  • More than 800,000 older adults end up in the emergency room after taking a fall;
  • Older adults recover more slowly from falls and full recovery can take as much as a year.

Fall Prevention Through At-Home Senior Care

Falls never happen out of nowhere. There is always a risk factor. With older adults, the unfortunate fact is that there are usually multiple risk factors at play at any time, like one's current physical condition, certain medical problems they may be facing or a dangerous and not senior-friendly home environment.

There is plenty we can do to make sure your loved one's fall risk is reduced. Our home care services can include educating your loved one, family caregivers and professional in home caregivers about risk factors that can make an elderly adult more likely to fall. Our care professionals can also help make your loved one’s home more safe and closely monitor them so we can ensure their safety.

Please call our Richmond, VA office at 804-424-5510 to find out more about our at-home senior care services.

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