Meal Planning and Preparation for Seniors in Richmond, VA and Surrounding Areas

As a part of our companion care services, we offer meal preparation and planning services to seniors living in Richmond, VA and surrounding areas

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for seniors to be malnourished, even those who are overweight. While some older adults eat too little, others eat wrong types of food. What is most alarming about this is that undernourishment can often cause or worsen chronic conditions many seniors are struggling with. This is why at Visiting Angels Richmond, we have included meal planning and preparation into our companion care services.

At Visiting Angels Richmond, it is our goal to help seniors live active, happy and fulfilled lives in their golden years. We have helped many older adults live high-quality lives and maintain their independence through our home care services.

Meal preparation is one part of our companion care services and it has benefited seniors across Richmond, VA and surrounding areas in Henrico County, Hanover County and the Greater Richmond area.

Why Healthy Eating Can Be Challenging for Seniors

  • Loss of mobility or strength

Seniors often lose their strength and become weaker with age. Spending a lot of time in the kitchen, going grocery shopping or visiting the farmers market is no longer an option for a lot of older adults who struggle to get around or who are unable to drive.

  • The "convenience" of frozen meals and fast food

Without easy access to the grocery store, many seniors turn to frozen meals or fast food restaurants for inexpensive, easy meals. However, these processed foods are often full of salt and other unnatural preservatives that lack the nutrients your loved one needs.

  • Lack of appetite due to medication or depression

Some seniors simply don't feel hungry. This may be a side effect of their medications or due to mental health concerns such as loneliness or depression. Cooking for one person or even a couple may seem like more trouble than it's worth - so your senior loved one may be choosing to skip meals altogether.

The good news is that our caregivers are here to help. Our companion care professionals will get quality ingredients and prepare nutritious meals your parent will enjoy.

What’s Included in Meal Planning from Visiting Angels Richmond

If you are worried that your loved one is skipping meals or is not eating well, we are at your service. With our meal planning and preparation services, your loved one will eat nutritious meals important for their overall well-being.

Meal preparation can include:

  • Caregivers either accompanying your loved one to the store or heading there alone with a list of things to buy
  • Preparing snacks and meals such as pre-cut veggies, sandwiches and other favorites
  • Helping with kitchen organization to make plates, utensils, and pantry items low enough for your loved one to access safely
  • Storing leftovers and cleaning up any dishes
  • Taking out the trash as needed

If you want to learn more about our meal planning and preparation services, feel free to contact our office in Richmond, VA at 804-424-5510 and we will gladly answer all of your questions.

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