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Reviews for Visiting Angels' Senior Home Care in Tucker, GA and Surrounding Areas

Serving Lilburn, Stone Mountain, Lawrenceville, Tucker, GA, and the Surrounding Area

Visiting Angels TUCKER, GA
4500 Hugh Howell Rd #530
Tucker, GA 30084
Phone: 678-825-8072
Fax: 678-825-3808

Reviews for Visiting Angels' Senior Home Care in Tucker, GA and Surrounding Areas

Reviews for Our Senior Home Care in Tucker, GA

Reviews and testimonials are essential ways for us to receive feedback. This helps us ensure that our caregivers are providing the care that our clients deserve and that they take action when it is needed. Visiting Angels Senior Home Care in Tucker, GA, extends our appreciation to those who share their feedback with us. 

Our Reviews

"My family and I used Visiting Angels in Tucker for about four years when my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Up until then, I was the sole caregiver for her when she was suffering with falling and not being able to remember. I had to juggle being a full-time college student and caring for her, which was definitely hard. Her caregiver, Brenda, is one of the most compassionate people that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. She always went the extra mile to ensure that my grandmother was well cared for while I was able to focus on my collegiate studies, as well as focus on myself. Anyone who has had to deal with caring for a loved one with dementia/Parkinson's knows the physical, mental, and emotional toll that it takes on your health and well-being and Brenda helped to eliminate that tremendously. She's our friend and our family and because of her, we were able to keep my grandmother in her home a lot longer than we expected to, up until two months before her passing. This agency is undoubtedly one of the best, and I highly recommend them to anyone struggling with taking care of a loved one. They're truly top-notch and you won't regret choosing them. Thank you, Visiting Angels, for the help and support you've given me and my family over the years. It will never be forgotten."

- John M,

"Thank you so much for the willow tree angel of light. She is beautiful and so special. How very thoughtful of you to remember my mom in such a sweet way. Thank you also for all you do to support my mom throughout the year. We were so blessed by all the caregivers. You all truly made a difficult time much easier."



"We wanted to thank you all for the beautiful arrangement you sent for our dear mother’s funeral for the always caring and compassionate town you operate your business with. We are ever so grateful."

- The Martin family 

"Each of the caregivers was wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you again for the help."

-Shirley W.


"Thank you for all you did for us! Your service and care were greatly appreciated. I especially appreciated how flexible you were impatient. I will recommend your company to others!"

- Kali W.

“Dear Caroline, Susan, and Angels. In our time of confusion and distress, you were there for me and John. You helped us through the difficult time of transition. We could always count on your team. John and I shared mom‘s last minutes with you and Connie. He especially appreciated her calm assurance that all will be all right. Your basket of flowers with exquisite. We displayed the basket in mom’s home for a small reception. Thank you for everything. I hope our paths will cross again as we move forward.”

-Nona G.

“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful caregivers you provide over the last two years. Knowing there was someone dependable in our home so that my father and I could take a much-needed break allowed us to be able to keep her at home. From the office staff to our regular caregivers Latoya, Malika, and Brenda to the caregivers who only came a time or two, we thank you. Especially Malika and Brenda. They love my mom and she loved them.”

-Jim & Beth L.

“Dear Carolyn and staff, we are very grateful for everything you did to help our mother stay in her home as long as possible. Marlena was wonderful with mom and accomplished so much and so little time each day. Mom had delicious meals, and Marlena did all the shopping. Her personal care with washing and dressing was just right and mom was very comfortable with Marlena. Under Marlena‘s care, the house was cleaner than it had been in a long time and all the laundry was caught up. In addition, Marlena made doctor’s appointments and drove mom to her appointments, as well as the emergency room a couple of times. Should we need Visiting Angels again, will be sure to call you and refer you to others.”

-Jane & Hayden P.


“Thank you very much for the beautiful basket of flowers you sent in my mother’s memory. She would have loved them! More importantly, thank you to many of you who knew her and who tried to make her last years, months, and days as happy as possible. I’ve honestly never met anyone who tried to prolong her time on earth as much as she did. She must have enjoyed being with you! There are too many names to mention, but you know who you are. Let’s keep in touch.”

-Rosemary B.


"Visiting Angels of Tucker has been such a huge help to our family. My mother in law was in an auto accident and they stepped right in and had help at our home immediately. The women that have spent time in our home have been so kind and a joy to have around. Thank you for everything!"

- Kendra G.

"I cannot say enough good things about our experience. We needed urgent live-in care for my parents during the coronavirus quarantine. Carolyn was able to quickly come up with a testing plan and set my parents up with a wonderful nurse (Lorna) who improved the situation immediately. Carolyn's responsiveness was unmatched over the many weeks we used Visiting Angels of Tucker. Lorna was a true visiting angel for my folks."

- David H.

"Visiting Angels of Tucker took care of my father the last several months of his life. A team of several ladies staffed an around-the-clock vigil providing care and compassion. They gave dignity to an aged man in a situation where a lot of times there is no dignity. They started care at a difficult time in our family's lives. They quickly became part of our family. They were able to professionally do a demanding job with love and compassion. Even the office personnel and support staff were great. Sometimes we are put in a situation where we become overwhelmed by circumstances. Certainly the last days of a loved one's life present a series of hurdles. I know that we would not have made it through this ordeal without God's help and the help of angels on earth."

- J. B.

"Caroline, Ty, and the whole team performed a miracle for our family. We got the terms of the assisted living that mom had to have 24/7 sitter service before she could return to her apartment due to a severely fractured neck bone. Mom was released from the hospital that afternoon with my wife spending the first night then Visiting Angels of Tucker took over from there. From the time I called Visiting Angels of Tucker to the time they hit the floor running it was less than 12 hours. Visiting Angels of Tucker had a calendar in place for 24/7 sitter service and my wife told me that she sure was glad to see our Angel show up at the door at 7:00 AM the next morning. Visiting Angels of Tucker has not only a special place in our whole family heart, they are Family as far as we are concerned. If you are looking for a caring compassionate caretaker service call Visiting Angels of Tucker, they will take care of you and your loved ones.

- Chris H.

"We LOVE Visiting Angels of Tucker! We hired Visiting Angels of Tucker to care for my Mom - 88 - and Dad - 91. The professionals were kind, friendly, helpful, patient, conversational, and punctual. They kept us informed and handled all our situations - including last minute schedule changes - promptly and professionally. We highly recommend Visiting Angels of Tucker!!! 10 stars out of 5."

- Elaine M.

"I am an RN Geriatric Care Manager — managing clients who have a broad range of care needs. I depend on Visiting Angels of Tucker to partner with me and care for my clients. I’ve worked with other agencies in the past and have had so many problems. I want the best possible care from dependable, honest, engaged and knowledgeable caregivers. I want an agency that knows the clients' circumstances and families — and with staff that are easily accessible and flexible. The owners of Visiting Angels of Tucker work side by side with their staff everyday to ensure the best care and caregivers for clients. They are the most dependable team I’ve worked with in my career as a RN. I highly recommend Visiting Angels of Tucker."

- Dawn D.

"Great staff - very knowledgeable. My parents really liked the staff, my Dad calls them "his angels." I highly recommend."

- R. B.


"I have been using Visiting Angels for about 5 years now. My Aunt is now 89 years young and because of the wonderful and loving folks at Visiting Angels, I have been able to keep my Aunt in her own home. Brenda, her caregiver, is one of the most loving and compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is our friend and now our family. The owners of this agency met with me personally at her home and I described exactly what I wanted and needed for my Aunt and they sent me a true angel in Brenda. Any time I have any problems and I have had none, but anything at all I needed, they have provided. The care in every way is exceptional. From scheduling and care instructions, they are top notch, NO ONE compares. I not only highly recommend them, but can only pray that your loved one is getting the kind of care that my beautiful Aunt has received and continues to receive from this truly Angel Agency. I truly am so thankful that I called them that day, my life and my Aunts are so much better for it!!"

--- Laura H.


"We used Visiting Angels of Tucker several years ago for about a week for my parents and had a positive experience. Recently, my uncle was diagnosed with dementia and my wife and I were the only caregivers. Circumstances placed him in hospice care and he is slowly declining. Anyone that has been in a situation like this realizes the physical, mental, and emotional toll that it takes on family, especially sole caregivers. We reached out to Visiting Angels to see what services were possible, based on our schedule and insurance restraints. They worked with us 100% to tailor a plan that would alleviate some of the toll it was taking so that we could at least have a small amount of down time to handle things we needed to do, and spend some time together to recharge our minds and focus on each other. Ronalynn was the Angel that brought some peace to our non-stop caregiving. She has been a part of our family for a few months now. My wife and I are at total peace and able to relax for a few hours together for the first time in a long while. There have been a few Angels that have helped fill schedule gaps as well, and each one has Angel. If you are considering Visiting Angels but afraid to take the step, afraid the care will be inadequate, afraid you are "abandoning" your loved one, please, trust me...don't be afraid. We hesitated, as these were some of the concerns we had. Take the step to at least talk to Ty or Carolyn (in Tucker). My wife and I finally have some time away where we can be together, even if only a few hours a week, that takes some of the pressure and stress away. I doubt you will be disappointed with Visiting Angels." 

--- Jonathan G. 

"I have enjoyed the services provided by the Visiting Angels caregivers that have worked in my home. They are trustworthy and dependable while in your home. I like the work they do on a daily basis, scheduling their home chores on a daily; never having to remind them of what is needed. The employees are always on time and stay alert throughout the entire day. I recommend Visiting Angels members to anyone."

--- Leroy J.

"We have used Visiting Angels for several months which is a testament to our satisfaction. Sometimes we have daily care and sometimes only on weekends. We've been very pleased with our caregivers and the responsiveness of the office in finding caregivers, sometimes with little notice."

--- Linda G.

"I contacted Susan Cooper from Visiting Angels of Tucker after my aunt had a horrible experience, especially with the billing, with another agency. Susan came out and met with us on a Sunday and we were impressed with her immediately. She was most concerned with my Aunt's care. Since that time the care she has received has been excellent and the billing has been detailed and flawless. I have been involved in selecting a home care agency for other family members. The experience we have had with Susan and Visiting Angels of Tucker is far above and beyond what we have experienced with any other home care provider." 

--- Wayne M.


Serving Lilburn, Stone Mountain, Lawrenceville, Tucker, GA, and the Surrounding Area

Visiting Angels TUCKER, GA
4500 Hugh Howell Rd #530
Tucker, GA 30084
Phone: 678-825-8072
Fax: 678-825-3808

Serving Lilburn, Stone Mountain, Lawrenceville, Tucker, GA, and the Surrounding Area

Visiting Angels TUCKER, GA
4500 Hugh Howell Rd #530
Tucker, GA 30084
Phone: 678-825-8072
Fax: 678-825-3808