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Home Care Services FAQ

Serving Brookline, Canton, Dedham, Natick, Needham, Newton, Norwood, Stoughton, Watertown, Wellesley and Westwood

Visiting Angels NEWTON/CANTON, MA
29 Crafts St #320
Newton, MA 02458
Phone: 617-795-2727
Fax: 617-244-0260

Home Care Services FAQ

What kind of services do you provide?

Visiting Angels provides companion care and personal care services. Our non-medical home care services are designed to assist in activities that seniors and people with disabilities need help with in order to be able to stay at home safely and with dignity. Our home care services may include fall prevention, medication and fluids reminders, light housekeeping, grooming, bathing assistance, and running errands. Please call us at 617-795-2727 if you have specific needs.

How quickly can home care services begin through Visiting Angels?

Generally, services can be provided within a 48-hour period, but there are exceptions for emergency situations.

How do I start home care services with Visiting Angels?

Call us at 617-795-2727 to speak with a knowledgeable case manager. We will have our staff come to your home and conduct a free, no obligation assessment. We will then, at your direction, identify caregivers who have the skills, personality and availability to assist you. We will schedule an introduction with the caregiver, and if you approve, they will begin working for you.

Will you provide a personalized care plan for my loved one?

The Written Care Plan is the primary document which describes the services we will provide. You are always involved in the development of the care plan and may request adjustments at any time.  We present it to you when we introduce the caregiver, and we review it with you to ensure accuracy.  The care plan is carefully tailored to you, guaranteeing that we understand your care needs and requests, and can communicate objectives and instructions clearly to the caregiver(s).

Can I change the schedule if I have appointments to keep?

Your case manager will work with you to comply with adjustments to the schedule to satisfy care and offer you the freedom to tend to your appointments and time away from your loved one.

How frequently can I make changes to my care schedule?

Changes are common and necessary during the first week or two of services, as we become better acquainted with you through direct care.  The care plan will be adjusted if medical or other conditions dictate changes in your care needs.

Can I request to change my caregiver?

You may request to change caregivers at any time.  If your case manager does not respond satisfactorily to your concerns, you can contact our Director of Client Services, Julie McBain.

How do I give feedback regarding the services I receive?

For most of your communication with our home care agency, the case manager is your primary contact. You can expect the case manager to make phone calls and home visits without charge to you, in order to continually assess services, monitor and supervise caregivers, and seek your feedback.  Case managers will communicate with you frequently at the beginning of service to ensure your satisfaction with our services and they will continue to keep contact appropriate to your needs.

Is your office available 24/7 for emergencies?

24-hour On-Call is available by dialing our main number at 617-795-2727. If the office is not open when you call, you may always reach a live person by following the “auto-attendant” instructions.

Do you provide live-in services?

We provide live-in services to clients that need assistance during the day, as well as someone in-home overnight, reducing the number of caregivers coming into your home.

Do you provide services in assisted living facilities?

Yes. People sometimes discover that the help provided in an assisted living facility is not enough to enable them to remain independent. In these cases, our home care agency can provide a qualified caregiver to make this possible.

Are your caregivers trained and experienced in home care?

Our home caregivers are hired for their experience, commitment and knowledge. All caregivers must have three professional references from the field. Our caregivers are given a thorough orientation, as well as training programs that help them to elevate their skills in the home care field. We hire caregivers specifically for their empathy, judgment, technical skills, insight, communication skills, likability, character, reliability and knowledge.

Will your caregivers help clients with bathing and dressing?

Yes, our caregivers help clients with personal care such as bathing, grooming and dressing.

Will your caregivers assist with incontinence?

Yes, our caregivers can aid with toileting and changing colostomy bags.

Will your caregivers perform basic housekeeping?

Yes, our caregivers will assist with homemaking tasks such as preparation of meals, change of linens, laundry, and light housekeeping.

Are your caregivers able to use a Hoyer Lift?

We have caregivers skilled in use of Hoyer lift, gait belt, and other transfer equipment.

How would your caregiver assist with cognitive health issues?

Visiting Angels Newton/Canton can bring an innovative, and proactive cognitive health and respite care program into your home.  We help your loved one stay engaged mentally, physically and socially, with personalized resources. We also help family caregivers avoid the negative effects of “caregiver burnout.”

Our Goal:
Cognitive stimulation
Brain-healthy diet
Social engagement
Physical exercise
Healthy sleep patterns
Trained, empathic caregivers in your home on a schedule that fits your needs

My loved one has become reclusive and seems unhappy. Can your caregiver assist?

Our caregivers are trained to provide emotional support such as social interaction, activities, and companionship.

Do your caregivers handle money for clients?

We can arrange for your caregiver(s) to handle funds (credit or debit cards, cash, etc.) for yourself or loved one(s). Such responsibilities will be included in the care plan.  Your case manager will set up a system where there is appropriate oversight, to avoid situations in which unfair suspicions of misappropriation could arise.

Do you keep client’s information confidential?

We follow HIPPA privacy practices. We do not disclose any information about you or your family without your permission.

Do I have to file employment taxes for my caregiver?

While some agencies may place you in the role of employer, exposing you to the risk of employment lawsuits, worker’s compensation claims, employment tax filings, and other complications — we take care of it all for you. 

Are your caregivers insured?

Our caregivers are bonded and insured for workers’ compensation, and we carry professional liability insurance.

Are home care costs tax-deductible?

Below is an excerpt from Internal Revenue Service Publication 502, Medical and Dental Expenses: 

“You can include in medical expenses the wages and other amounts you pay for nursing services.  Services need not be performed by a nurse if the services are of a kind generally performed by a nurse. This includes services connected with caring for the patient’s condition, such as giving medication or changing dressings, as well as bathing and grooming the patient.  These services are provided in your home. Medical expenses also include amounts paid for qualified long-term care services and limited amounts paid for any qualified long-term care insurance contract.”

[Source: ] See also IRC Section 213.  Consultation with your tax preparer regarding the deductibility of medical expenses is always recommended.

Can you help me find an elder care lawyer?

Aside from providing the non-medical care needed to help our clients remain in their own homes, we can connect families to an array of other helpful services: geriatric care managers, elder law attorneys, home-modification companies, financial planners, healthcare professionals and adult day health care programs, just to name a few.

What policies do you have for abuse and neglect?

Because we are so careful in screening our caregivers, reports of abuse or neglect are extremely rare. We have strict policies in place for handling any incidents that may arise.  You can contact your case manager right away with any concerns, or call Julie McBain, our Director of Client Services.

Can't find an answer to your question? Please don't hesitate to call us at 617-795-2727.



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Serving Brookline, Canton, Dedham, Natick, Needham, Newton, Norwood, Stoughton, Watertown, Wellesley and Westwood

Visiting Angels NEWTON/CANTON, MA
29 Crafts St #320
Newton, MA 02458
Phone: 617-795-2727
Fax: 617-244-0260

Serving Brookline, Canton, Dedham, Natick, Needham, Newton, Norwood, Stoughton, Watertown, Wellesley and Westwood

Visiting Angels NEWTON/CANTON, MA
29 Crafts St #320
Newton, MA 02458
Phone: 617-795-2727
Fax: 617-244-0260