As COVID-19 continues to spread, we at Visiting Angels want you to know we are fully committed to the health and well-being of our caregivers and families. The safety of our clients and caregivers is our highest priority. Our caregivers are determined to do everything possible to help and protect your loved one.

Here is a link to the latest CDC information. Click Here
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Addressing Fear with Knowledge

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, more and more people are feeling fear, frustration, and uncertainty. At Visiting Angels of Aurora, we want to address this fear with knowledge by offering our caregivers the opportunity to further their education on COVID-19 and on Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) through Visiting Angels University. If you are a caregiver and would like to learn more about accessing these e-courses, please click the button below.

In Home Care in Aurora, CO

What Does Shelter in Place Mean for Our Caregivers?

Visiting Angels of Aurora wants to let our caregivers know how they can keep their clients socially engaged and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic!


Areas We Serve

Visiting Angels of Aurora offers our in home care to more than just the residents of Aurora. To see a list of our popular service areas, please click the button below!

In Home Care in Aurora, CO

Constant Companion from Visiting Angels of Aurora

In Home Care in Aurora, CO

We are happy to announce that our clients can now benefit from Constant Companion from Visiting Angels of Aurora! Go from part-time coverage to full-time coverage without the hassle of wearing a panic button. With Constant Companion on your side, you know that you're in good hands for setting reminders for medication or doctor's appointments, making calls or sending messages, companionship, and more. Get the feeling and reality of security at home - all it takes is a simple voice command to connect with Constant Command's Response Center for assistance!

In Home Care in Aurora, CO

In Home Care in Greater Aurora, CO

Essential In Home Care in Aurora, Centennial, Denver, and Surrounding Areas

Are you concerned about the well-being of an aging loved one? Maybe you have noticed that they cannot keep up with household tasks or are unable to drive themselves to run errands or get to doctor’s appointments. Maybe you have even noticed that your loved one seems depressed, anxious, or lonely; unable to enjoy activities that they used to love. Whenever you see these or other signs that your loved one’s quality of life is suffering, it is time to support them with in home care. 

For many families, in home care is a cost-effective option that is also effective in helping a loved one maintain good health and everyday safety. At Visiting Angels of Aurora, we have helped hundreds of families in Aurora, Centennial, Denver, and the surrounding area figure out the right way to support the unique needs of a loved one. 

One-On-One Care

Because more and more seniors are choosing to age in place (meaning, living independently and at home throughout their golden years), in home care has become more and more needed by families who help to meet the needs of elderly loved ones. A caregiver can be there every step of the way to provide personal attention, help with everyday tasks, assist with mobility, support healthy habits, and help your loved one improve their quality of life. 

Our one-on-one home care is designed to fill any gaps between the help your loved one receives from their medical care team, and what they can do for themselves. If your loved one’s doctor recommends a daily regimen of medication, our caregivers can help your loved one fill the prescription, keep up with follow-up appointments, and maintain a medication schedule. If your loved one’s doctor recommends dietary changes, they can help your loved one get to the grocery store (or even run the errands for them), select fresh ingredients, research new recipes, and make a change in eating habits. 

Essential Care Services Revolving Around Your Loved One’s Needs, Schedule, and Budget

At Visiting Angels of Aurora, we know nothing is more important than family. When you are starting to look for in home care providers, it can feel nerve-wracking to find the right provider or the right plan. With Visiting Angels of Aurora, you and your loved one are always our priority. We offer fully customized care plans, including every service your loved one needs, and you will never be charged for any service that is not needed. 

Some of the in home care services we offer include:

Alzheimer's Care

A caregiver can assist your loved one with daily tasks to help them maintain their independence and safety at home, no matter what stage of Alzheimer's they are in.

Respite Care

When a family caregiver needs to take a break from their caregiving responsibilities, our senior care providers will be there to make sure your loved one receives the attention they deserve.

Dementia Care

Our dementia care specialists are there to help your loved one with a wide range of tasks and needs such as overnight care, wander prevention, meal preparation, transportation to therapies, and more.

End of Life Care

One of our dedicated caregivers will be there to offer essential assistance, comfort, and support to families during one of the most difficult times in a senior's life: the end of life process.

Certified Palliative Care

Our certified palliative care takes a holistic approach to caring for your aging loved one. We focus on a senior's overall well-being including their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

Ready-Set-Go Home

Ready-Set-Go Home is our transitional care program. We help families with discharging their loved one from the hospital, help seniors follow doctor's orders, provide medication reminders, and more.

Fall Prevention Program

We will help your loved one avoid costly injuries like broken hips, fractured bones, and concussions by identifying fall risks, educating family members, and providing mobility assistance.

Social Care Program

Our in home caregivers will teach your elderly loved one how to use helpful technology to shop, communicate, and call for help.

We Are Companions at Heart

Companion Care has been proven not only to increase the physical health of our clients but also to decrease isolation and loneliness. If your loved one lives alone, they are at an increased risk of senior isolation, which harms emotional, mental, social, and physical health. With the help and attention of a dedicated in home care provider, your loved one will be better able to make the most of their golden years. 

Schedule a No-Cost, In-Home Consultation

To get started with in home care from Visiting Angels of Aurora, simply call our office! We will work to understand your family's needs and will schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation in your loved one's home. At this consultation, our care coordinator will help you take stock of what tasks and activities your loved one needs assistance with, as well as help you make sure your loved one's home is safe and functional for their needs. Then we will match your loved one with one of our experienced, licensed caregivers so they can start building a relationship founded on trust and companionship.

Contact Visiting Angels of Aurora today by clicking below or calling 720-410-5746 and ask how our in home care can benefit your elderly or disabled loved one.

In Home Care in Aurora, CO