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Reviews & Testimonials for Visiting Angels of Bethesda

Serving Montgomery County, MD, including Bethesda, Silver Spring, Aspen Hill, Colesville and Laurel

Visiting Angels BETHESDA, MD
4803 St. Elmo Ave 2nd Floor
Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: 301-490-9050
Fax: 410-549-2909

Reviews & Testimonials for Visiting Angels of Bethesda

See what families throughout Bethesda, Aspen Hill, Laurel, Silver Spring and surrounding communities in Montgomery County, MD have said about Visiting Angels of Bethesda:

"We were truly blessed to have such caring and loving caregivers. They all have exceeded our expectations. We will truly miss them. They made Dad laugh, they sang with him, prayed for him and with him, made wonderful meals for him and always had him looking good. They were quick to let us know if he needed any lotions, or cleansing supplies. Maggie would sit beside Dad and hold his hand while he slept. Chinerye was so patient with Dad when he would need to use the bathroom every 1 1/2 hours. They truly loved Dad and Dad loved them very much."


- Judy L.

"I really like Sonia, she takes great care of me. She’s timely and i am very pleased. Such a great company !!"


- June N.

"We absolutely love Rachelle! She has a wonderful personality and has been one of the best people we have had. Mom is so relaxed with Rachelle and if mom is happy, we are happy."


- Gloria F.

"The caregiver that I have had for my mom recently is a GEM! I would highly recommend Visiting Angels."


- Mark L.

"Mom is more engaged than she’s been in quite some time. She lets Venetia get her cleaned up, she’s eating better, talking more, willing to get up from her bed/chair. They love to color, read, sing, listen to music (jazz & classical) and watch the squirrels together. This is truly heartwarming. Talk about a perfect fit. I would highly recommend!"


- Stanley S.

"I appreciate the matching of caregivers for my mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's. The staff is attentive and professional. My mother is very happy with her current caregiver and I am able to work knowing that she is cared for."


- Lori C.

"Visiting Angels came highly recommended to me. They helped with bathing, transfers from the wheelchair, washing dishes, changing bed sheets, and laundry. The caregivers were very knowledgeable and compassionate. Because of them my husband is doing much better and now walks with a walker. The office staff impressed me because they were very punctual and courteous. I would highly recommend Visiting Angels to anyone else needing care!"


- Jean M.

"I want to thank you for the wonderful Angels that have come to help me. Because of them I am back on my feet and ready for independence. Both Elizabeth and Chimere are wonderful and so helpful. Sometimes I can be a handful and they have brought me back to a good place. I feel like they are my sisters. If I ever need help again I will call Visiting Angels, and I’ve already told my friends about your services."


- Lemoyne S.

"We were so happy with the assistance that the visiting angels provided to my mother in her final days. The staff that worked with my mother were all so polite and caring I don’t recall the names as I believe we had several people over several days The young lady who came out to meet with me about your service was extremely personable and made it all so easy in such a short amount of time -for that we are truly appreciative. I will definitely share my positive experience with others. Thank you."


- Kathleen G.

"Thank you for everything Visiting Angels did for my mother. Yordanos and Rosalie went above and beyond the call of duty, they both endured a lot of hostility from my mom (due to Encephalopathy/Psychosis). They should get hazard pay. I would highly recommend Visiting Angels!"


- Steph K.

"Great care for dependable and loving care by certified staff and caretakers. Visiting Angels are the best when it comes to care for your loved ones! Thank you Visiting Angels!"


- Karen H.

"My dad really has gotten used to having an angel. It only took him 1 day to warm up to the cg, shes been doing so great with him. She took him to a place he used to go to with his wife before she passed away. All the Cg's have been lovely."


- Elbert D.

"Grace was a superior. She anticipated my needs. Very engaging and enjoyed their conversation. Great personality. Would highly recommend Visiting Angels."


- Anna R.

"Our Caregiver is a wonderful match for my wife, she is sweet, outgoing and helpful. We enjoy her company."


- Janice R.

"Ms. Yvonne is fantastic, enthusiastic, goes above & beyond what her job description probably is; she's amazing w Mr D, she jokes with him & really brings him out of his shell, it's wonderful to see their "friendship"; I would nominate her for Angel of the Month, if you have such a thing. She is that amazing! Great Company!"


- Chet and Gwen D.

"My caregiver is an incredible person to work with. Very upbeat, gracious, respectful, and experienced. Very proactive, can anticipate one's needs."


- Vicky R.

"Priscilla is wonderful, a great help. She has the best work ethic. She took it upon herself to look for work. She was so sweet with Mom, but at the same time firm which is just what she needs with her dementia. I'm so glad she is going to be our regular caregiver thank you!"


- Bob H.

"We want to thank everyone at Visiting Angels for the care and compassion they gave our mother while caring for her at her apartment. Her Home Health Aides and Nurses were so wonderful and patient with her as her needs changed almost daily. We appreciate what everyone did to help make her feel comfortable and safe. And keeping us updated to her changes helped us make decisions much easier. We would like to especially thank Uche, Catherine and Irene. We could not have done this without your great help. Thank you again for being such a wonderful caring group of people."


- Jean H.

"After working with a couple of different agencies, it was a breath of fresh air to finally find the right one. The staff here are tremendously helpful and really went out of their way to accommodate our family. Trina worked with our family (even though they were in the midst of moving their office from Laurel to Silver Spring). I don't know how they managed to keep so many balls juggling, but they worked to tailor everything to our specific needs. Every time I called they were always prompt and reliable. My mom is extremely happy with our caregiver, Mary. We have been with then for several weeks and couldn't be happier."


- Mary Margaret R.

"My brother lives in Silver Spring Maryland. He lives in a independent setting called Inwood House. They call him Big Mike. My brother receive services from Visiting Angels. The staff is so caring and personable. They go above their job duties to ensure his safety, health and quality of life it's top notch. The staff has a universal holistic approach in caring for him. I have gratitude for this agency and all of their staff members especially Miss Pat. Thank you for your service."


- Theresa M.

"I have to tell you that Shatema is one of a kind. My mom is now at a residential assisted living facility, but I'll tell you, she and we, fell in love with her. Do not let her go.....EVER! With that said, none of what Visiting Angels was able to do would be possible if it wasn't for Stephanie. She was the ambassador who took time to listen to me when I needed someone to just shut up and listen.... on more than one occasion. She is a keeper as well. Thank you all for a job well done!!!"



"Been using this service for several years in different locations. They are always dependable and caring."


- Brenda M.

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Serving Montgomery County, MD, including Bethesda, Silver Spring, Aspen Hill, Colesville and Laurel

Visiting Angels BETHESDA, MD
4803 St. Elmo Ave 2nd Floor
Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: 301-490-9050
Fax: 410-549-2909

Serving Montgomery County, MD, including Bethesda, Silver Spring, Aspen Hill, Colesville and Laurel

Visiting Angels BETHESDA, MD
4803 St. Elmo Ave 2nd Floor
Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: 301-490-9050
Fax: 410-549-2909