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Caregiver Jobs

Caregiver Jobs

The quality of care we provide to families in the Spokane Valley area relies on the qualities of our caregivers. It takes a special type of person to provide the level of compassionate service that is our specialty. If you are that type of person, we welcome you to join us in a fulfilling career.

Why Join Visiting Angels Spokane?

On your first day as a Visiting Angels caregiver, you may discover that the job is as special as the people who do it. It's about more than just working for a family with a loved one in need. It's also about building a relationship with that loved one and growing alongside them. The caregiving relationship is an intimate one that involves mutual commitments and common experiences. It's both a professional devotion and an emotional connection. That's why we say it takes a special type of person.

The bond between you, the care recipient, and the family is why the job is so rewarding. As you grow in your relationship, you may see the joy that fills the home when you arrive, and you yourself may feel the joy of discovering the rich inner lives of other people. Meanwhile, every day presents a new type of experience to master, as well as the prospect of a shared triumph and a celebration among those who you spend so much time with. That's how the work, even when it's demanding, can feel like a blessing.

Who Are We Looking For?

Visiting Angels Spokane is looking for full- and part-time candidates who hold the same ideals embodied by our team of extraordinary caregivers:


Visiting Angels caregivers are kind, joyful, and capable of helping others to feel kindness and joy in turn. Through ups and downs alike, they maintain a positive attitude and the belief that they can make a great difference in people's lives.


Our caregivers perform a wide range of duties and provide an array of in-home and personal patient care services. They approach their duties with a deep sense of commitment and responsibility, as they understand that a loved one's comfort, health, and safety may depend on the assistance they provide.


A skilled caregiver inspires trust and confidence by being available and listening to individuals' needs. Because of our personalized approach to in-home care, our clients depend on us also to adjust their services to meet evolving requirements.


Our caregivers recognize that their relationship goes beyond them and the care recipient. It involves the family, whose loved one is in the caregiver's charge. And it involves health providers, whose admirable efforts ensure the care recipient's physical well-being. So a Visiting Angels caregiver makes a point of informing all parties of a senior's progress — conveying outcomes and raising concerns when necessary.


Our caregivers truly care. They care about people as well as their hopes, wishes, and emotions. They care about the devotion that drives families to choose in-home services for the people they love. Having a deep sense of empathy, our caregivers want to help others to overcome challenges, they also want to provide assurance that no person has to be alone in the challenges they face.

What Are the Duties and Responsibilities?

Visiting Angels caregivers work closely with care recipients to ensure their comfort, and they work with recipients' families to provide support as needed. On a given day, you may:

  • Assist seniors with their bathing and grooming routines
  • Manage light chores and housekeeping activities
  • Act as a joyful companion and a source of emotional support
  • Cook meals, shop for groceries, and run errands
  • Provide timely reminders to take medications
  • Ensure unpaid family caregivers have respite when needed

Because we customize our care to the individual, you might perform other sets of duties as well. Some of the care recipients you work with may have special considerations that align with our diverse range of services, such as:

Companion care, providing support for their emotional well-being through a meaningful human connection, in addition to in-home personal care services.

Respite care for family caregivers who require regular or extended periods of rest so they may restore themselves to fulfill their important role.

Dementiaor Alzheimer's care, which involves in-home tasks, monitoring, and specialized support, as well as uplifting companionship for individuals experiencing either of these complex diseases.

Palliative care, a service that focuses on helping individuals with terminal diseases by providing comfort and improving their quality of life.

In your role as a Visiting Angels caregiver, you should be prepared to cover any of these services, as well as others, so that all of our care recipients receive the assistance they need.

What Are Our Offers and Incentives?

With the challenges our caregivers regularly encounter and overcome, it's important to us that we show respect to our team members, support them consistently, and cheer them on through their successes. To that end, we strive to distinguish ourselves as an employer by providing a variety of offers and incentives to our caregiving staff, including:

Monthly staff appreciation and in-service events celebrate the hard work that our caregivers perform day in and day out.

Our Employee of the Month program recognizes distinguished caregivers with $100 bonus, and a gift basket.

Referral bonuses of $300 are awarded to caregivers who refer successful candidates to Visiting Angels Spokane.

The recipient of our Caregiver of the Year award receives a substantial $500 bonus.

We provide ongoing training and support, giving our caregivers access to our training lab and a one-on-one trainer.

With our buy-back program, Visiting Angels caregivers attending HCA classes can earn back $400 of their tuition by finishing their program and obtaining licensure.

Want To Join Our Team of Caregivers at Visiting Angels Spokane?

We at Visiting Angels Spokane are fortunate to have such a talented and diverse group of care professionals on our side, and we're always happy to add dedicated members to the team. You're welcome anytime to apply online, to call us below, or to complete the form to be notified of employment opportunities. We look forward to meeting you and discovering your future with us.

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