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How In-Home Senior Services Can Help Prevent Serious Accidents Within the Home in Bangor, ME and the Surrounding Area

Most seniors would prefer to age-in-place if possible, however many families worry about the safety of their loved ones living alone without constant supervision. There are many household safety hazards that most people are not aware of that can increase the likelihood of an injury if you do not take the proper precautions.

Visiting Angels Mid Maine Provides Senior Services to Help Seniors in Bangor and Nearby Towns Avoid Costly Accidents at Home

At Visiting Angels Mid Maine, our compassionate and thoroughly trained home care providers offer senior services to help your loved ones regain their independence and continue to age gracefully from the comfort of their own home. Our caregivers help improve safety conditions for their clients in many ways, here are five methods we often use to improve safety conditions for your loved ones:

Adding Slip Guards on Carpets and Rugs

Anti-slip guards can be a powerful tool in preventing injuries. One of the most common causes for falling is slipping on unstable rugs or carpets, so using slip guards to stabilize these risk factors will certainly go a long way.

Encouraging a Healthier Diet

Proper nutrition is a great way to improve the health of your loved ones. Many seniors eat unhealthy food or not enough foods because they struggle to go grocery shopping or do their own meal preparation. At Visiting Angels Mid Maine, our caregivers provide all of these senior services along with plenty of other physical and emotional support.

Updating Appliances

Outdated appliances can be a huge safety hazard for seniors, especially stoves and refrigerators. If these appliances are not working properly it can lead to spoiled or undercooked food or potentially even a fire hazard. We can check to make sure that all of the household appliances are working safely and help seniors operate them as well.

Ensuring Pets Are Being Taken Care Of

Pets can often help provide seniors with emotional support and can be an important part of their mental health, however, if not properly cared for these pets can turn into environmental hazards. All pets should be properly vaccinated, and potty trained to keep the house clean. Seniors also need to be aware of pets because if hidden they can also act as a tripping hazard.

Cleaning Up Any Clutter Around the House

Keeping clutter to a minimum can also be a great way to improve the overall safety of the house. Our caregivers provide light housekeeping and cleaning as a part of our senior services to make sure that your loved ones do not have unnecessary tripping hazards.

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