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Elderly Care in Monroe MI

When parents, grandparents, or other treasured relatives begin to grow old, it's natural for their loved ones to worry for their safety. You might wonder if they are remembering to take their medications each day or whether they are having difficulty moving around their home. The farther from you they live, the more difficult things can become. Things become even more complicated when you add memory loss or disability to the equation. If your loved one is living in Monroe MI, elderly care assistance isn't far off. Skilled, compassionate care from your local experts at Visiting Angels® Monroe is the trusted choice for families across Monroe County. That's because we keep the care in elderly care by putting your loved one's dignity before all else. 

Elderly Care for the Monroe MI Area

It isn't always easy to know when your loved one needs help, especially if you're not there every day to see things for yourself. Even so, there are some signs you can keep an eye out for that might let you know that your loved one in Monroe MI would benefit from the additional support and supervision that elderly care can provide. 

It may be time to consider elderly care for your Monroe MI loved one if you've noticed: 

  • Significant or sudden weight loss, which could indicate poor nutrition
  • A decline in their grooming habits, like neglecting their hair, nails, or make-up
  • They seem lonely or are demonstrating an unusually negative disposition 
  • Their household has become dirty or disorderly due to lack of upkeep
  • You have been feeling worn out or overwhelmed due to the demands of their care

Without the help that elderly care can provide, these signs can be cause for alarm for the families of the effected seniors in Monroe MI. However, with care from Visiting Angels Monroe, they are manageable. Our compassionate elderly caregivers in Monroe MI come equipped with the skills and methods necessary to help seniors overcome the obstacles created by their age. Whether it's specialized Alzheimer's or dementia care, or purely companionship, a companion caregiver can give your senior what they need to thrive at home in Monroe MI. Best of all, we Select Your Caregiver® especially for you, based on your loved one's unique needs. 

Getting started is easy and free. Just call Visiting Angels Monroe today to have an elderly care consultation brought to your home in Monroe MI.

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