Home Care Specialists for Meal Preparation in Bangor, Auburn, ME, and Nearby Cities

Visiting Angels Mid Maine's Home Care Specialists Prepare Healthy Meals for Seniors in Bangor, Brewer, Auburn, Lewiston, and Nearby Cities

Our home care specialists understand the importance of eating well, even if we do not always follow nutritional guidelines. But as we age, it becomes increasingly vital to be mindful of maintaining a good diet and having continual access to fresh produce and healthy meals.

There are multiple reasons seniors should be conscious of what they put into their bodies:

  • Medications may require that certain foods be taken out of their diet entirely
  • Health conditions can decrease when assisted by diets that are adjusted for individual medical needs
  • A healthy diet can relieve stress on major physical systems like circulation, digestion, and nervous system
  • Changes in appetite or tastes can indicate new health concerns or side effects that should be tracked by their doctor

We Will Work with Medical Providers to Create a Meal Plan for Your Loved One's Dietary Needs

At Visiting Angels Mid Maine, our home care specialists will work with clients and their medical providers to understand your loved one’s unique dietary needs. And beyond that, we will also work with seniors and their families to understand their preferences and habits with foods, meal preparation, and food storage. Our goal is to design a meal planning and preparation strategy that supports both their health and their daily needs.

Seniors who live on their own or have mobility issues may have additional challenges in accessing fresh produce. It is important to ensure that they have access to fresh foods, along with incorporating fruits and vegetables into their daily diet. Our caregivers will help seniors keep fresh produce stocked in their fridge by either assisting them with transportation and mobility services or going grocery shopping on their behalf.

Cooking can also be a challenge for some seniors as physical abilities and mobility changes throughout their golden years. Home care specialists from Visiting Angels Mid Maine can assist with all kitchen tasks, from chopping and cutting to cleaning and storage. Our meal preparation services include:

  • Planning healthy and nutritious meals based around your loved one's health needs
  • Going grocery shopping for ingredients
  • Preparing your loved one's favorite meals
  • Making make-ahead meals that they can have at a later date
  • Cleaning up the kitchen after cooking
  • Ensuring your loved one is eating or assisting them with eating
  • Medication and hydration reminders 

Contact Visiting Angels Mid Maine

If you have an elderly loved one in Bangor, Auburn, Lewiston, Brewer, or the surrounding area who is struggling to keep up with a healthy diet while living alone, our caregivers can help. Call Visiting Angels Mid Maine today at 207-605-8288 to learn more about how our home care specialists can keep your loved one safe and healthy at home. 

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