Our Top Homecare Providers in the Greater Danbury & Waterbury, CT area

Homecare Providers That Go Above and Beyond in Danbury, Bethel, Waterbury, Southbury, and Surrounding Areas

At Visiting Angels of Brookfield, we appreciate all of our homecare providers for all that they do for our clients in Brookfield and the surrounding areas. Every month we recognize our angels that go above and beyond their duties to provide exceptional care that makes an impact on both their clients and the community. To learn more about these amazing aides, please read below!

Melanie M. Offers Above and Beyond Care in June 2020

Visiting Angels of Fairfield is very grateful to have Melanie M. as one of our personal care providers! As a caregiver, she offers dignified and respectful assistance and always goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care to her clients. We often hear from her clients and their families how much they love and appreciate Melanie's dedication to providing care. She always is on-time and happy to do her job. Thank you, Melanie! 

Joanne W. Provided Exceptional Service in May 2020

Joanne is a retired postal service worker who has been with us since 2019. When she first came to us, she had no experience caregiving, yet she was eager to learn. With training she went far beyond all expectations and cares for her clients with attentiveness and dedication. She gives her all to our agency and her clients. We thank Joanne for her endless devotion.

Exceptional Service from Joanne W. in the Month of April 2020

Joanne is a passionate and devoted caregiver who has been with us since 2019. A retired postal service worker, Joanne came to us with no experience but with an eagerness to learn and work with clients. Joanne has surpassed our expectations and is caring and attentive toward her clients. She is timely, dependable and always follows company protocol. She goes above and beyond to help the agency and her clients with a minute’s notice.

We are very fortunate that Joanne found us and we’re thankful for her dedication.

Above and Beyond Care from Tanisha A. in the Month of March 2020

Tanisha started working with Visiting Angels of Fairfield as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant at the end of 2017. When Tanisha was hired, she was only comfortable with working homemaker/companion shifts due to her lack of experience. Throughout the years with her eagerness to learn, her positive attitude, and gaining experience on the job Tanisha quickly started to take on more challenging shifts. Since she started working with our team, Tanisha has been on the same case due to her devotion to the client and establishing rapport with family, who adores her.

Tanisha has exhibited all the qualities of being a good homecare provider to her clients, and represents Visiting Angels of Fairfield well. Over the years she has proven herself to be very reliable, knowledgeable, and caring towards her clients. Tanisha is truly a professional and we can proudly say she is a revered employee of Visiting Angels of Fairfield.

Visiting Angels of Fairfield and our clients whose life she has touched are very lucky to have Tanisha as one of our Angels.

Phenomenal Care from Philicia S. in the Month of February 2020

Philicia is one of Visiting Angels of Fairfield's best Certified Nursing Assistants. She has been working with us for several years, and she always shows up to her shifts promptly. She is compassionate, kind, and caring toward her clients and their families. Philicia also picks up additional shifts on the spur of the moment for us. Philicia is a dedicated Angel, and we all appreciate her working with us at Visiting Angels of Fairfield. Thank you, Philicia!

Charismatic Care from Audrey W. in the Month of January

Audrey is a passionate and devoted homecare provider. She is very reliable, knowledgeable and caring towards her clients. Since joining Visiting Angels of Fairfield, Audrey has been with the same client and has never taken any time off because she fears the client will have a difficult time adjusting to a substitute caregiver. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Audrey as one of our caregivers and we know the clients that she works with feel the same. Thanks, Audrey!

Charismatic Care from Marivic J. in the Month of December

Marivic has been a valued homecare provider for the last six years. Her clients and their families adore her. She has truly been an angel to all of her clients. She goes above and beyond when working with her folks! Her attentiveness ensures that her clients are as safe and independent as they can be. Her smile and bubbly personality light up the room, and we are so happy that she is one of our great homecare providers. Thanks, Marivic, for being a true Angel.

Charismatic Care from Stephen C. in the Month of November

Stephen Cox is a charismatic, outgoing, passionate and devoted homecare provider. He has a personality that lights up a room when he walks in. Stephen has been with Visiting Angels of Fairfield since August 5, 2016. Stephen is a Home-Maker/Driver. When Stephen first started working with Visiting Angels of Fairfield, he had no formal training but because of his passion for the job and his willingness to learn he has surpassed our expectations. Initially, Stephen was only driving clients on appointments, but overtime the clients became comfortable with him and they wanted him to do more for them such as assisting with showers, scheduling appointments, and light housekeeping. Stephen has exhibited all the qualities of being a good caregiver. In addition, he is very reliable, and seldom calls out of work, he is one of those caregivers that you can call on at the last minute to work.  Stephen is very conscientious and always reports any medical issues or concerns that pertains to the client.

We, at Visiting Angels of Fairfield, consider ourselves fortunate to have Stephen as one of our homecare providers and we know the clients that he works with feel the same.  It was an easy choice to make Stephen this month’s Angel in the Spotlight!  Thank you, Stephen, for all you do!!!

Compassionate Care from Chelsea in the Month of October

Chelsea has been a homecare provider with Visiting Angels of Fairfield for over a year. She is caring, compassionate, and always willing to step into work any on-call shift that becomes available.  She most recently worked with an individual at the end of life stage and provided support, love, and comfort during the last weeks of care. The family will always remember her wonderful compassion and attentive care for their loved one. She is truly an angel, and we are so happy to have Chelsea on our team!

Caring Service from Elizabeth "Dee" in the Month of September

Elizabeth "Dee" Frank is a Visiting Angels of Fairfield homecare aide. Dee has over 10 years of experience working in both facilities and private homes. Dee is a passionate and devoted caregiver. She is a dedicated and caring professional and her clients love her. She is very reliable and knowledgeable and is always willing to go the extra mile. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Dee as one of our valued caregivers.

Sensitive Support from Ionie W. in the Month of August

Ionie has been on our homecare team for over a year and has many years of experience being an hourly and live-in caregiver. She has such a caring and professional demeanor that sets her clients at ease immediately. Recently Ionie worked with a client who was diagnosed with a limited life expectancy where she provided essential and sensitive care to her client and their family's needs during this difficult time. Thank you, Ionie, for being a true Angel and providing care when others need it most. We appreciate what you do everyday!

Devoted Service from Mavis C. in the Month of July

Mavis has been a devoted homecare provider with Visiting Angels of Fairfield since July of 2016. Her reliability, knowledge, and caring nature has made her an essential asset to our team. Not only is she a hard worker, but she can also handle stressful situations and is always pleasant even when she is faced with adversity. When it comes to caring for her clients, Mavis is efficient and quick to report any changes in medical conditions to our office. Mavis is the perfect example of what an Angel should strive to be - someone who will go above and beyond to lend a helping hand. Both Visiting Angels of Fairfield and our clients are lucky to have her as one of our Angels. Great work!

Compassionate Assistance from Clarissa V. in the Month of June

Clarissa exhibits all the traits of an Angel and has been one of our greatest homecare professionals. She is compassionate, caring, reliable, and always willing to lend a hand to those in need. Not only do her clients say that she provides exceptional care, but they also feel that she has become a part of their families! Visiting Angels of Fairfield is so happy that Clarissa is on our team and we appreciate all the exceptional service that she contributes. Great job, Clarissa!

Exceptional Care from Hattie C. in the Month of March

Hattie is a Certified Nurse Assistant who provides passionate and devoted caregiving to all her clients. Not only is Hattie very reliable, but she is also extremely knowledgeable and caring towards her clients. In her free time, she often bakes her famous oatmeal raisin cookies that she will bring in for both the staff and her clients to brighten their day! As a caregiver, Hattie is invaluable to the Visiting Angels of Fairfield team and she always goes above and beyond to help and has her client’s best interests at heart. We are very lucky to be able to work with Hattie. Thank you for all you do!

Amazing Service from William T. in the Month April

William has been a reliable and trustworthy homecare provider with Visiting Angels of Fairfield for around a year. Not only is William a dependable and reliable aide, his personal care and people skills are exceptional. All his clients are well cared for and he always goes above and beyond for them. We are very blessed that he is one of our Angels and are so grateful he is part of our team! Thank you for your dedication, William.

Excellent Care from Antoinette D. in the Month of May

Antoinette has been a devoted Visiting Angels of Fairfield homecare provider for almost three years. With over 15 years of experience in the homecare field, Antoinette exhibits all the qualities of an exceptional caregiver: reliable, knowledgeable and caring. Whenever we have a challenging case, Antoinette is the first caregiver we call to work her magic and she always saves the day! We consider ourselves fortunate to have  Antoinette as one of our homecare providers. Thank you!

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