Certified Palliative Care from Visiting Angels of Joplin, MO

Certified Palliative Care Makes Life Easier For Both Seniors in Joplin and Their Families

Our Visiting Angels Certified Palliative Care program focuses on a holistic approach to care. Caregivers are trained in how to care for the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being of seniors to improve their quality of life. We go beyond the traditional idea of palliative care, ensuring support and comfort regardless of life expectancy.

The Difference Between Palliative Home Care and Hospice Care

Though similar at their core – with the goal of relieving comfort and improving quality of life – palliative care and hospice care are two different types of care. For an individual to be qualified for hospice care, they must have a terminal illness and generally be expected to live six months or less. While hospice care can be extended if the individual makes it longer than expected, they may eventually no longer qualify for hospice care if they get better and continue to see an improvement. Elderly care services from Visiting Angels, on the other hand, can be scheduled freely without needing a diagnosis for any terminal illness. Since we are not medically based, our focus is to provide the optimal care for your loved ones with no consideration being given for how long they have left to live.Visiting Angels offers certified palliative care for seniors in Joplin, MO.

Hospice care is generally prescribed by a doctor, aiming to reduce the pain and suffering of a terminally ill individual during the final stages of a serious illness by providing medical care. The focus is on alleviating their pain and minimizing any suffering. Elderly care services from Visiting Angels is non-medical and is focused on providing assistance with daily activities which the patient might have a hard time doing by themselves, such as taking a bath, preparing meals, cleaning the home and other personal care. Our caregivers strive to enrich the quality of life for all our clients, and we do so through specialized, non-medical care and companionship.

Certified Palliative Program

At the crux of our Palliative Care Certification Program is our philosophy of care; we train our aides to approach caregiving with a holistic mindset. In doing so, they offer soothing, comforting support, with a mission to restore hope and assist with healing.

We do this by focusing on a wider range of care requirements, including physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support.

Physical: by recognizing and responding to common signs among the elderly, we provide non-medical care to comfort our clients.

Emotional: by adopting a compassionate approach, we support older adults who may be suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, or loneliness.

Social: by building relationships with our clients and their families, we provide those in our care with companionship and conversation.

Spiritual: by restoring hope to seniors’ lives, we help them find relief and comfort from age-related difficulties, treating each senior with dignity and respect.

Getting Started with Care Services

Do you or a loved one need in home care services? Then call Visiting Angels today to find out more about how we can help you. With a quick call, we can schedule a free, no-obligation in-home assessment and go over your loved one’s specific care requirements. 

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