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Selecting the Best Home Care in Springfield Missouri

Selecting the Best Home Care in Springfield Missouri

Springfield area seniors are sometimes faced with difficult decisions. They may undergo surgical procedures or face other health issues that limit their ability to care for themselves, but still want to remain as independent as possible. When help is needed, what options are available for the best home care in Springfield Missouri?

Two Main Types of Home Care

Non-medical care and home health care are the two main options, and both play important roles in making sure patients obtain the level of care needed. The differences between the two services are important to understand.

• Home Health Care is prescribed by doctors and provided by professionals like nurses, health aides, and doctors. They provide care when significant medical needs are present. They can provide therapy and other rehab needs as well as deal with pain management, wound care, and even treatments like ventilator care.

• Non-Medical Care is utilized for a vast array of care needs for seniors who simply need help dealing with day-to-day activities they can no longer handle themselves. In many cases, this form of non-medical care is vital for patients who want to remain in their own homes rather than entering an assisted living facility.

The easiest way to grasp the difference is to understand home health care is medically necessary while non-medical care is used when clients don't need constant medical care but can't really function on their own without some assistance.

Who Makes Use of Non-Medical Care?

Most Visiting Angels clients are older adults who want to remain independent. A great many seniors are still capable of engaging in normal activities but simply can't keep up with everything as they once did.

Can Families Use Both Types of Service?

You don't have to choose non-medical and home health care in Springfield Missouri. For example, a patient may be ready to go home from the hospital but isn't capable of meeting all their physical or medical needs alone. A home health care provider may be sent to the patient's home to administer medications, change dressings, and provide therapy.

However, home health care providers normally don't remain in the home longer than necessary. Visiting Angels is there to fill the void when living alone isn't really possible and medical home health care doesn't take care of their personal needs. One of the biggest problems faced by older adults is loneliness. Visiting Angels provides companionship as well as dealing with other needs.

Clients who need errands run, meals provided, and even light housekeeping can benefit from having our non-medical service providers take on those and other responsibilities.

There are many factors to consider when determining which type of senior care is most appropriate at any given time. For more information on the best home care option for your loved one, contact Visiting Angels today.

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