Palliative Care Services From Visiting Angels

Palliative Care Services in Springfield MOWhen a loved one has a medical condition that is serious or life threatening, palliative care services offered through Visiting Angels can be a great help.

Often referred to as supportive or comfort care, the purpose of our palliative services is to improve the patient’s quality of life while they are struggling with this condition, whether it be cancer or another disease. The focus isn’t on curing the patient of their disease. Rather, our services focus on helping seniors and their family cope with the symptoms and fears of their medical condition. By relieving symptoms, palliative care often improves someone’s ability to tolerate medical treatments and their ability to recover. Palliative care also addresses any social, psychological or spiritual issues that come up during this time.

Families find these services to be of great help in making their loved one more comfortable and ensuring they maintain the highest level of quality of life. Here are the main points every senior and their family should understand about these services.

Palliative Care May Begin at Any Time

Families often put off calling on palliative care providers until the loved one’s condition has advanced. However, this type of care may begin when the patient is first diagnosed. For instance, it can be of great help to a cancer patient who is having trouble voicing their emotions regarding the diagnosis, the treatment they are undergoing, the uncertainty they are facing and more. As our palliative care specialist addresses all issues that arise and works with a multidisciplinary team to provide holistic care to the patient, their quality of life improves.

Palliative Care Is Not Hospice Care

This is where many people are confused. While both are designed to support and comfort the patient, palliative care is not reserved for end of life or those who have a terminal disease. Most hospice programs are set up to help patients who have a terminal illness and are not expected to live another six months. Palliative care does not have the same restrictions.

Family Members Also Benefit from Palliative Care

When a person is very ill, the entire family suffers. However, they remain an important part of the person’s care and may need assistance in handling the changes they are experiencing because of the diagnosis. Palliative care providers help family members adjust to any extra responsibilities they are now facing while still meeting their normal obligations. Furthermore, emotional issues can be addressed and social support provided.

Palliative Care Offers Numerous Benefits

Research consistently shows seniors and their family members benefit when they take advantage of palliative care services. When a loved one’s symptoms are controlled and they have an outlet for their emotions, they tend to have a better experience overall. Both their physical symptoms and quality of life are improved because of this care.

Contact Visiting Angels today to learn more about palliative care and how it may be of help to your loved one. We are here to help in any way we can.

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