How In Home Care Providers Can Help Prevent Falls in Greater Springfield, MO

Visiting Angels' In Home Care Providers Are Here to Prevent Unnecessary Falls in Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, Republic, and Surrounding Areas

The main reason many seniors lose their independence is because of falls. Falls can do more than just cause a physical injury. They can also impact the senior both emotionally and socially. Falling may significantly impact the person’s quality of life and cause major changes in their life going forward. 

The fear of falling often means seniors are more afraid to leave the home, which leads to them declining invitations to go out with friends or to be at important family functions. Because of this, they can start to have feelings of loneliness or anxiety, begin to experience social isolation, or begin to suffer from sadness and depression. But, it doesn't have to be this way when you have the hands-on assistance from an in home care provider.

How Falls Can Be Life-Altering

Each year, one out of every three seniors will suffer a fall, with over 800,000 people hospitalized per year because of serious falls. One out of five will sustain a serious injury. This could include a broken hip, fracture, concussion, or other serious injuries that dramatically alter their life. Studies have shown that those who fall once are more likely to fall again in the future. 

Recovery is slower for seniors, with many needing to spend up to a year in a long-term home care facility to fully recover from their fall. Many people who fall will not end up going back home again because the risk of a fall is too great or because they cannot recover from their fall completely. 

Falls Happen Because of Risk Factors

Falls don’t just happen out of nowhere. There are usually one or more risk factors that will cause the fall to occur. Risk factors are anything that increases a person’s chance of falling and can be linked to the senior’s physical condition, their home environment, or even a medical problem. Some of the potential risk factors for seniors will include poor eyesight, dehydration, being on multiple medications, arthritis, and an inability to safely get out of the bathtub in their home. 

Our in home care providers can help with identifying and addressing risk factors promptly can help many seniors avoid falling. Risks inside the home, for instance, can be addressed to help the senior get around their home easier. If there is a possibility they could fall getting out of the bathtub, adding grab bars to the bathtub can give them a way to support themselves when they get out, helping them get out safely so they won’t risk a fall whenever they take a shower. 

Education Is Key

Falls can be devastating to seniors but fall and injury prevention is often a considerable challenge. At Visiting Angels of Springfield, we are committed to investing in education for older adults, their families, and their home care providers. Our in home care providers in Springfield work hard to inform your loved ones of ways to reduce the risk of falls to help protect seniors and to make sure they’re as safe as possible in their home. As your in home care provider for senior home care in Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, Republic, and the surrounding area we want to make it safer for clients to remain at home and ensure the risk of falls is reduced to help the quality of life for our clients. 

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