Positive Approach to Care: A Dementia Care Course for Home Care Specialists Throughout Marmora and Cape May, NJ

"Positive Approach to Care" Home Care Specialist Training in Marmora, Cape May, and Cumberland Counties - Including Portions of Salem and Gloucester Counties

If you or a loved one are struggling with the effects of Dementia, you can count on the team at Visiting Angels of Cape May. Our home care specialists have undergone specialized training, known as the Positive Approach® to Care (PAC). This program helps home care specialists develop the knowledge and skills needed to effectively care for clients who are living with the challenges of Dementia. Our PAC dementia care training is a two-day course:

Training Day A – 2 hrs. – Normal vs Not Normal Aging

Workshop Objectives: By the completion of this 2-hour workshop care partners will be able to:

1. Compare and contrast normal aging versus not normal aging related to various cognitive functions.

2. Describe the five sensory input and processing systems, highlighting the dominant role of vision, and the major differences between protective and discriminating sensation in each.

3. Discuss the impact of changing sensory awareness and processing as dementia progresses.

Training Day B – 4 hrs. – Positive Physical Approach, Hand Under Hand, & Teepa’s Gems; Seeing More Than Loss

Workshop Objectives: By the completion of these workshops, care partners will be able to:

1. Describe changes in visual processing that impact a person’s ability to initiate interactions and respond to efforts to communicate and interact that are initiated by others, when dementia is present.

2. Compare and contrast unintentional and traditional social greeting and communication efforts with PPA™ structured interactions as it relates to reactions and responses from the person living with dementia.

3. Discuss purpose and value of using Hand-under-Hand® technique with people living with dementia.

4. Demonstrate Hand-under-Hand® technique in at least four out of seven possible applications (greeting, comforting, attention, mobility, task initiation, tool/utensil use, and participation in tasks & activities).

Workshop Objectives: Teepa’s Gems – care partners will be able to:

1. Describe 3 number-based systems that are used to label stages/progression of dementia.

2. Discuss the value and importance of seeing people living with dementia as having retained abilities, value, and benefiting from the right support and care to optimize performance and quality of life.

3. Identify six GEMS – highlighting GEMS state characteristics.

Our goal, at Visiting Angels of Cape May is to equip our home care specialists with additional training to provide excellent care for our clients. After caregivers have completed both training days they have a better understanding of what is normal aging vs. not normal aging. Home care specialists after this course know how to use a positive physical approach with clients who have dementia and understand where seniors are in the dementia process.

Instead of merely providing information regarding the symptoms of dementia, the PAC program dives deeply into how to approach managing an interpersonal relationship with someone who has a changing brain. This type of training affords seniors who are suffering with dementia the opportunity to remain in their homes, where they are most comfortable, versus living in a nursing facility. To learn more about our PAC training program call our agency today at 609-604-8176.

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