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Serving Cape May & Cumberland Counties Including Areas of Gloucester and Salem Counties

Visiting Angels CAPE MAY, NJ
110 Roosevelt Blvd #109
Marmora, NJ 08223
Phone: 609-545-8258
Fax: 609-840-6291
Reviews From Our Clients in Greater Marmora, Cape May, and Elmer, NJ

Serving Cape May & Cumberland Counties Including Areas of Gloucester and Salem Counties

Visiting Angels CAPE MAY, NJ
110 Roosevelt Blvd #109
Marmora, NJ 08223
Phone: 609-545-8258
Fax: 609-840-6291

Reviews From Our Clients in Greater Marmora, Cape May, and Elmer, NJ

At Visiting Angels of Cape May, we help so many families on a day-to-day basis, and the feedback we are given is a blessing to know that we are helping families in need.

Home Care Agency Reviews and Testimonials from Families in Marmora, Cape May, Elmer, and Surrounding Areas

 This feedback is important as it allows ensures that our caregivers are providing the best possible senior care and taking action where needed. We would like to thank those who so readily share their experience with our home care agency and share some of them with the public. Thank you for the honor of caring for your loved ones and voting us Provider of Choice again in 2023!

"The person actually talks to my husband as a capable adult and treats him with respect." - Dale J.

"The caregivers are very motivating and comforting. " - Dominick P. 

"They have good communication and they make sure I am up to date with what is going on." - Anonymous

"When there is someone there with my parents, it gives up peace of mind." - Joseph M.

"They are wonderful, I came from the hospital, couldn't do anything, but with their help I increased my activity, and also my house is in order now. They clean the house, do my laundry. They do everything with kindness and I appreciate them! - Anne K.

"The current caregiver is very friendly and she has a nice way about her that suits my parents well. She anticipates what they need before they know they need it and she redirects them very well. The current caregiver does everything very well." - Joan M.

"I like the competence of the staff and their thoroughness." - Jean M.

"He did what my father asked and whatever he needed. He was coherent and verbal so he could direct what he needed and when he wanted it. The caregiver met those needs." - Leroy B.

"She has performed in a way where she has been consistent." - Benjamin H. 

"They always answered our calls. They were prompt about returning phone calls." - Anna G.

"The services have been a huge help for me. It allows me to go to work and not have to worry about my mother-in-law." - Shirley H.

"I like that the caregiver is very attentive each day to look at not only the basics are, but what needs to be done to make it an effective visit. The caregiver goes above and beyond." - Doris C.

"She is very conscientious. They are like buddies." - Marion G.

"The services have been a huge help for me. It allows me to go to work and not have to worry about my mother-in-law." - Shirley H.

"When I call they respond. They call to check on everything. They call to verify the schedule. They're very good." - Peg C.

"They addressed her needs. She came in and my mom brightened up." - Rosalyn D. 

"They work around my mom and don't try to take over everything. They are supportive and engage her. They help stimulate her mind." - Edith V. 

"I would not be surviving if I didn't have them." - Irma H.

"The caregivers are able to change her sheets for her. In the beginning they were basically lifting her in and out of her bed, but now she has improved." - Marie P.

"Everybody is great there. There are times the schedule will change because of doctor's appointments and things, but they will always call me to confirm. There is always communication." - Joseph O.

"The caregiver was excellent. Anything that was needed, she would do. We accepted her as family." - Dorothy M.

"If ever there is an issue at the house, our caregiver will call someone to take care of it. She has called the plumber multiple times for us. She also takes notes on everything that happens so that I know what is going on." - Charlene R. 

"I have so many good thoughts. I like the care and the attention their people give to try and help. They took our situation personally and got to know us. I could tell that they really cared about helping us finding the right fit." - Eugene H. 

"Visiting Angels of Cape May is responsive and has good quality staff. They have a depth of Alzheimer's knowledge. I have comfort knowing the individual is being cared for properly." - Harry H.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May sends nice people to my home. The care provides help all the time." - Richard N.

"Whenever I called, the staff was very courteous; they always helped with things no matter what they were. They said what they would do and tried their best. Our aide fit in fine as a caregiver; I know she cared for my mom. She had compassion; she was caring." - Lorraine E.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May works with you to get the best caregiver for their client. My father has dementia, and they have tried to find a caregiver who can handle his specific needs. They encourage him, brighten his way, and tend to his interests. They have got my father on a routine, and they keep him active. He has a better outlook now that he has company. He is so much happier." - Edward M.

"I really like the aide we are matched with, they are always available, and they are very prompt with responding to calls. She prepares meals, cleans the house, and cuts his hair. He looks really good, he looks healthy, and she prepares good meals for him, and his quality of life has improved." - Patty M.

"The communication is very good; you always have someone answer the phone, even after hours, usually the owner answers the phone. They're very patient with my aunt. I know that she's taken care of, but if something happens, they have to tell me." - Marianne B.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May is well trained in dementia and Alzheimer's. They take care of mom by helping her do day to day needs. They have provided everything we needed by accommodating our requests. Her caregiver is patient with her and I appreciate her patience and knowledge of dementia." - Jean W.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May is very responsive and very supportive. They seem to really care about what they do. We are really happy with our caregivers. I love the interaction our caregiver has with her; she makes her feel comfortable." - Joseph C.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May has been helping with daily living. They run errands and make her meels. They take her to appointments. They are a companion to her. The office does what they say they are going to. They give accurate and timely feedback." - Anonymous 

"Visiting Angels of Cape May is very good. The caregiver we have is outstanding. It saves me so much; she is wheelchair-bound and has dementia and having a caregiver really helps me. Her caregiver is fabulous. She is so caring and loving; she has bonded so good with Katherine and it is outstanding. She is a very good and dedicated person." - Donald C.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May accommodated my needs, and my needs have been grand. My mom is bed-bound. She has to be washed and fed. I can't give the type of care my mom needs on a daily basis. The caregivers provide wonderful service for my mom." - Becky Z.

"Every person who I have talked to has been wonderful. I haven't had one complaint, and I highly recommend Visiting Angels of Cape May. They have been very helpful. Everything I've asked for has been given to me. The client needs somebody with good communication, which is what we got in our caregiver. She is constantly reassuring the client. Caring for the client was taking a toll on my health, but their help has taken a load off my shoulders." - Patti O.

"Our caregiver is part of the family now, and she handles my dad very well. She interacts with my dad and is attentive to him. She also helps with showers." - Marlene D.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May is available for mid-level care. I don't have to go to hospice. They are only here once a week and help with certain chores. The caregivers comply with whatever they are asked to do. The staff kept in contact, and they were responsive. They gave me a male, so it was easier to talk to him." - Stan T.

"We've been satisfied overall with the care. We have been satisfied with all our caregivers. They sent someone who is physically able to assist my mom in getting in and out of the wheelchair. My mom is not completely mobile, so they help her get in and out of bed. It helps my dad. They also help get her up and dressed." -- Deborah L.

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how grateful I am for the ways the Visiting Angels of Cape May cared for my mom and dad. My mom loved all the girls and dad, well, it took him a while to come around and, yes, he had his favorite! I appreciate the fact that your office always communicated with me about what was going on. It was difficult for me to be working a full-time job, running my own household, and trying to be available for mom and dad, and all that was happening in their world. But I would read the narrative that the girls would write and feel like I knew a little about their days. And that tablet... I was against it right away because my 89-year-old parents would never accept it. But boy, was I wrong! Mom enjoyed the music and dad loved watching the antique truck riders and listening to his "old-fashioned" music. Sometimes, I watched the girls as they interacted with mom and dad and they were always gentle and caring. I knew mom and dad were in good hands! Sina spent the most time with mom and dad because she was there Monday through Friday. Dad just clicked with her right away. Dad enjoyed just sitting and talking with her. Sina was awesome at what she does. She seems to have a heart for taking care of the elderly. Dad is adjusting to his new surroundings but still talks about Sina and how much he enjoyed her company. Please know that if anyone asks me about home care, your company is the one I would recommend to them. Thanks for doing what you do and for doing it so well!" Anonymous 

"We have had Visiting Angels of Cape May going to my mom's Nursing Home since we are unable to get inside. Our Angel has been the same girl that we now count on and depend on. She gives my mom all the help and care that she needs. We are very pleased with this organization and know that we made the right choice!" - Lorraine P.

"l am very glad that I chose Visiting Angels of Cape May for my 93 year old mom that is located in the VA Home. Due to the pandemic, we haven't been allowed in since 3/12. She was only there a little over a week when they shutdown. She faced leaving her home of 65 years and my dad's unexpected passing shortly after she was there. Once again, we could not get in to even console her and help her through her grief. She was used to an aide every day while she was at home. Mom thrives on the one on one help. She was very depressed, not eating, and always crying. I tried contacting other agencies before Visiting Angels of Cape May. I was not impressed. I knew from the first call to Visiting Angels of Cape May that I would be choosing them. Everyone that I spoke with actually heard my story. They were compassionate, called when they said they were going to, extremely thorough with my mom's assessment and contacting the VA Home directly. It has been roughly one month since Shevi has been going. Mom bonded with her great. Shevi is our voice and eyes now. We could not be happier with her and the choice that we made. Thank you so much!!!!" - Kristie T.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May has lessened a lot of stress. They help keep the house straight and get some food for my mother. They are very flexible and easy to work with, with any schedule that I need." - Christopher O.

"With the virus right now, the caregiver is our eyes and ears. She lets us know in her write up how her day went with my mother. She toilets her and always answers the phone when we want to talk to my mom or Zoom with her. She does her nails and exercises with her. I like our caregiver's personality and how thorough she is. Nothing appears to be a problem with her." - Lorraine E.

"I think they have a good personality and are willing to help when I need it. They listen to the problems I have and solve them. I wouldn't be able to function without them." - Richard N.

"His caregiver is perfect for him. They are sweet people. We have had three different girls. We finally got just one. She is just like my dad's daughter. She is always there and is very prompt. She takes him to the store. They go on walks. She helps him with his medicine. If he has little appointments, she will take him. She does his laundry and takes care of the cleaning. I have one of the staff member's number online. We text. They help me relay a message to the girl who comes here. They let them know if my dad won't be home." - Roe F. M.

"The caregivers are dedicated, loving, and caring. They help with washing, putting lotion on, making the bed, and getting lunch for my wife. There is nothing that they can't do or won't do. They go out of their way. They have been very cooperative and helpful." - Donald C.

"Our caregiver has a very engaging and pleasant personality. She is able to get him to do things that he wouldn't normally do. They offer special dementia care that he needs. They have engaged him in different activities instead of sitting around watching TV. She has gotten him to teach her how to paint." - Edward M.

"Our caregiver got along with her because they were compassionate, considerate, and very attentive. They did a great job managing her care and they were attentive to all of her needs." - Cathy C.

"I am very happy with Visiting Angels of Cape May. My husband has been ill and it was a struggle for all of us and it is a huge help. I am able to sleep at night, my life has definitely improved; they have turned out lives around. Our caregiver is always there and is always helpful; he is a self-starter. He does things without my telling him and he sees what needs to be done whether it is cleaning the floor or keeping him company and making him laugh. It is almost like it was meant to be because he could not be better, he matches our lifestyle perfectly. The staff is great too. They have reached out several times and everything is good." - Gail G.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May understands my mom and get to her needs and take care of them. They get her out of the house and keep her from being stuck inside all day. The security of knowing that someone is there at the same time every day, and she is being watched out for is priceless." - Daniel H.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May is very organized, their communication is great and I like the caregiver they sent. He's clean, strong, and organized. He does everything well. He's caring." - Anne B.

"We love our caregivers. A lot of it comes down to personality. They aren't executing a list of duties, but always looking and observing. They interact with her. I like their compassion and professionalism. They really care about their clients. They are reliable. They help with bathing and other functions she can't do alone." - Joseph C.

"The caregivers communicated very well and they asked me what I wanted them to do. They also wrote what was going on. I liked that they were very efficient and cleaned my husband and my house." - Amy F.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May continues to keep trying even though my mother is difficult. They don't let my mother get them down. They also follow through with me. They help her take a shower and do her exercise. I don't have to go there for three meals a day. I don't have to go to the grocery store. I don't have to worry about her medication. This is only part of what they do." - Cathy T.

"My caregiver was thoroughly trained and a delight to be with. She was well-trained at communicating and doing anything I needed her to do. She was very responsive to my needs. She was able to take me wherever I needed to go. She never sat around. She asked me what she could do for me." - Lois R.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May is wonderful. If there's anything going on, I hear from them. They fix his meals, get him to the bathroom and get him dressed. They mainly help with his daily living. I like that the caregivers are considerate and compassionate." - Debbie L.

"I wanted to express my gratitude for the excellent care my father received from Mary and Crystal when his full-time live-in caregiver, Hannah, was away. They both were very professional, kind, and patient with him. They adapted to an upset in his care when we had to have his home treated for insects. This was an unexpected situation and caught my husband and me by surprise. My father remained calm and often expressed his thoughts that the ladies were very nice. We too couldn't thank them enough for how smoothly things went when we were not expecting this while Hannah was away and "his routine" was changed. They both are keenly aware of best practices dealing with dementia. They tailored fitted their knowledge with his needs and personality.  Please let them know THANK YOU from us again! We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others with care needs." - Ellen S.

"My experience with Visiting Angels of Cape May was wonderful and comforting. Great caregivers and the staff works with you to find the "right" match for your loved one. You can leave and know your loved one is being cared for with love and compassion." - Dawn S.

"I lost a leg, so I need help going to the bathroom and everything else. The caregivers are always on time, and the staff is always available and follow up with whatever needs to be done. I like the people that come and care for me." - Rick S.

"My caregivers came when I called. If I had a problem within two or three minutes, someone was there to help me. They made sure my room was clean. If anything was dropped, it was cleaned up right away. I couldn't do anything because I had a cast on my arm. They showed me how to take care of my arm once my cast was taken off." - Veronica R.

"I like the attentiveness, and the live-in caregiver they sent us is wonderful. She makes sure my father gets out and takes him places. She's like a friend to him and goes above and beyond, she sings with him and is like a companion to him." - Ellen S.

"All the young ladies that I have met have shown real compassion towards my parents. I work full-time, so just knowing they are there 24/7 and that they are trained in what to look for gives me peace of mind. They do light housekeeping, prepare meals, take care of physical needs, change my mom's pajamas and diaper; they do everything. The staff keeps me updated on the good and the bad. My dad is not very personable and doesn't always like it when they are there. It helps me to know what the caregivers are dealing with. A couple of them did not work out, but that is because of my father, not them. The one that is there now is just a perfect match for them." - Debbie L.

"I don't know what I would do without Visiting Angels of Cape May. They are prompt, caring, and extremely helpful. A lot of it is driving and care in the house by keeping things tidy. They understand my needs, and if there are any questions or concerns, they get back to me immediately." - Diane M.

 "I can barely walk, so Visiting Angels of Cape May helps me with that. I like that they provide great care for me." - Richard N.

 "Our caregiver was very conscientious. Her task was assisting and caring for my wife. I liked that they were very consistent, and once we determined what my wife's needs were, they were flexible, on time, and covered their shifts." - Nick S.

 "The two most important things to us is that Visiting Angels of Cape May's communication is immediate and they follow through with what they say they're going to do. The consistency and personality of the caregivers are the most helpful part of the services. They're very easy to work with!" - Jeff W.

 "Visiting Angels of Cape May is very cooperative. I can call Jackie at any time, and they handle it. Jackie, Debbie, and Lorrie are fantastic. Our aide is a tremendous caregiver. They bathe her, put lotion on her, clothe her. She cleans up every bit of mess. She does a tremendous job and they have really bonded together." - Donald C.

 "I like that they are very caring, and they look out for my mom. They get along because my mother likes to talk, so they listen to her. I appreciate that they think about her needs, like the other day, they took her to the zoo. They think outside of the box." - Eileen

 "Visiting Angels of Cape May is very helpful with my mom. They have been very helpful in cleaning the floors and the bathrooms. They are able to get her mail and take her to the doctor. They are willing to bend over backward when there are scheduling issues. They are very kind. Whenever we have had an issue with a caregiver, we have called, and they were not sent again. For me personally, they give me time to relax and know that someone is taking care of my mom." - Frances

 "Whenever I've had a situation and have called, they've always responded quickly. It was almost instantaneous. They are very accommodating and have tried to work in difficult situations. They tend to her personal needs, like showering." - Mary

 "The caregivers get my mom out of the house and walking around also riding her bike. The office staff is always available and friendly, they also work with my crazy schedule. They have a positive impact on my mom's daily life." - Kit D., Cape May, NJ

"Our caregiver Krystina changes the bed for my wife and gives her a bath. She is able to do the things women like, she gives my wife massages and things like that. She talks to my wife and explains everything she will be doing which soothes my wife." - Vernon H., Cape May, NJ

"We had caregivers 24/7 with my father and if there was a change I was made aware of it. The caregivers were personable and treated him like a human and let and let him speak." - Beth D., Avalon, NJ

"Ellen always makes sure that my dad is comfortable and doesn't fall, she makes sure everything is done. She makes sure he gets good meals, his medication and does the cleaning. She helps him in the bathroom so I do not have to. Ellen is just very caring." - Cammie G., Ocean City, NJ

"My loved one had a major stroke and it left them very weak. The caregivers have given the exact hands-on care that my loved one needs. They encourage my loved one to be as independent as possible. I could not be more pleased with them. The aides are caring, understanding and they explain what they will do. This relieves a lot of my anxiety! Everyone who has come has been empathetic and caring I really could not be more satisfied." - Doris S., N. Cape May, NJ

"They're very thorough, compassionate and punctual. They'll do anything I ask of them and then some." - Nancy M., Elmer, NJ

"They are very thoughtful and loving. They express appreciation and he looks at what the family is going through and recognizes that." - Liz C., Ocean City, NJ

"Having the Angel come in the evenings has made a profound impact, I am happy very happy that they are here for me. The caregiver is very nice and she does anything she can for my mom." - Marge R., Millville, NJ

"I like that they are empathetic, patient and that they have an understanding of clients with disabilities. It's the fact that they are willing to tell my grandma that she's not eating enough and they don't accept what she says blindly since she is forgetful because of her age, that shows compassion." - Joseph P., Villas, NJ

"Theresa is attentive, positive and with him all the time. She does a very good job. She is good at feeding, cleaning and taking care of the house. She listens to him and doesn't get annoyed, she entertains him and helps keep him busy." - Anna B., Villas, NJ

"We want to thank all of you for SO MUCH! You helped as to keep mom here at home for a long as possible, and that has been a wonderful gift! One I will cherish forever! My deepest thanks! And, should we ever need such services again, or others express such a need, we know where to go! God Bless you all!" - Martha

"My caregivers will go beyond what I ask them to do which is helpful." - Joe O., Del Haven, NJ

"I have already recommended Visiting Angels of Cape May, and they are very professional to work with. I appreciate that they always provide care, even if the normal caregiver can't come in. The quality of care is very good. The caregivers are doing the care that I wouldn't be comfortable doing for my mother. They're there all the time, which I wouldn't be able to do, so that if something should happen, there's someone there with my mother!" - Denise A., Cape May, NJ

"Visiting Angels of Cape May took good care of my mother when they came to take care of her. I would recommend that anyone that needs hospice should use Visiting Angels of Cape May. Every time that I had a concern and didn't know what to do, I could call into the office and they would tell me what to do." - Bernadina S., Vineland, NJ

"We were very pleased with both of the caretakers who came to assist in care. I know there were days when he gave them a hard time but they handled things very professionally. I will certainly recommend Visiting Angels of Cape May to anyone that I know who need help in the care of a loved one." - Pat L., Cape May, NJ

 “I want you all to know what a gem you have in Sheltina! Last Sunday, Tina called me because she had concerns about my mom who was coughing. She suggested that I call the doctor, which I did. They sent someone out on Tuesday to get a chest x-ray of my mom. Yesterday, I received a call that my mom has pneumonia. Of course I was upset and concerned because I am two hours away! Tina made arrangements to get the prescription from CVS, an antibiotic, which obviously my mom needed. I can’t tell you how relieved I was. If it hadn’t been for her insight, who knows. She truly is an Angel! I call her my mom’s “Guardian Angel!” Thank You!!" - Kathy L., Ocean City, NJ

 "Donna B. does it again! Barb and I depend on her so much! We hope Visiting Angels of Cape May is aware of her value. Employees like Donna are a very rare find. She shares in our situation, and brings such relief to the issue at hand. We love her!" - Charles C., Sea Isle City

 "I would like to tell you how amazing Debbie O. is. She cared for two of our patients as though they were her own family! She is the reason we refer to your “Angels”. She is the true definition of a Visiting Angel!" - Kathy R., N. Cape May

 "Kudos to Barbara for her care with Mom! Very attentive!" - Denise A., Stone Harbor

 "I just wanted to say thank you for sending such wonderful angels into our lives to help care for Jim. Every single person you have sent has been absolutely wonderful! Kudos to Karen, Emily, Isaiah, and Eileen. They have helped lift our spirits, carry our burdens, and lighten our loads. They have all been so kind and loving, so helpful and gentle, and so caring and compassionate. I can’t say enough how deeply we appreciate all they have done for our family during this deeply difficult season of our lives. They truly are angels from heaven. As I work in the medical field myself, I am even more appreciative of the care they are giving to Jim. It is an incredible blessing not only to him, but to me. Thanks again to your wonderful company for providing such exceptional, caring companions." - Bev G.- Stone Harbor

 “An honor well deserved! I will never forget the care they gave my husband!" - Sheila B., Oceanview, NJ

 "I am writing to extend my sincere appreciation for the in-service and lunch brought by your Community Liaison, Lisa Galati this past Friday. Lisa was extremely friendly, motivated, and helpful to answer any clinical questions. She is an asset to your company. I hope to get to see her again. Thank you! " - Steve G., Cape May Court House, NJ

"From the first phone call to Visiting Angels of Cape May I knew I had made the right decision. At the time Donna, from Visiting Angels of Cape May, met with me at my Mom's apartment. I explained my mother's condition and my expectations. My mother has had her aide, Sheltina since November (who Visiting Angels of Cape May felt was the right fit). She goes above and beyond the call of flexible on short notice, and knows how to handle my Mom, who sometimes can be difficult. It gives me peace of mind to know that my Mom is being looked after when I cannot be there. They truly are angels!" - Kathy, Cape May, NJ

 "Terrific care for my grandfather when he was in need!"  - Amanda B.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May was excellent all around. They were professional, organized, and sent out nurses to do evaluations. It was overnight service. It was fantastic. My mom was bedridden... They made sure she was kept clean. They did everything well. They rolled her every two hours, even if it was just for two hours they would put a pillow under her. She never had a bed sore. If she opened her eyes overnight, they would offer her something to eat or drink." - Ruth Ann H.

"I live two miles away from my father, and the caregivers are there and that makes a big difference. I am at work now, and I am 50 minutes away, so they can help him. His two care nurses are excellent. From what he tells me, they do what needs to be done... They call to do follow-ups because my father has a lot of doctor's appointments. They are very tentative to what's going on." - Noah S.

"The caregivers that my grandmother has had are very caring and they take good care of her. I am able to go to work while they're with her. It takes some of the stress off of me. They're good at pretty much everything. They all care, which is very important to my grandmother... Their communication is wonderful. If there's an issue with my grandmother or someone can't make it, they will ask if someone else can come. They are about her and listen to her." - Krista B.

"I like that Visiting Angels of Cape May is very flexible and understanding. They have helped me the most with everything from groceries to cleaning up. They help me with going out and gardening. They make the bed and assist with meals." - Diane M.

"My schedule changes so much. It's hard to get the same kind of people. They try to match based on personality. They try to match up the right caregiver with my dad. That's very important. They have compassion and patience with my father. I like the fact that they get back to you. They're very efficient in that way, and they're very accommodating at finding replacements at the last minute. Right now I'm very happy. I look for somebody who does what they're supposed to do with compassion and patience." - Sandy S.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May is very prompt and professional. They're always considerate of her needs and listen to what she wants. They follow instructions and do what is needed. They get her dressed, prepare meals, and provide companionship. They're very thorough and their emails are very understandable and explanatory. I am never left guessing or with questions. They are professional and considerate. They are knowledgeable about the care needed." - Donn T.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May is very proactive and they're sensitive to the needs of the client... My mom looks forward to seeing someone beside me." - Jan C.

"Visiting Angels of Cape May is totally reliable, respectful, and very caring. It has given us a tremendous amount of relief. They assist her with all of her activities of daily living. I live a distance from the Smith's and the office staff, particular Eilee, has kept me abreast of everything that is going on. I appreciate their punctuality, dedication to what they are doing, and each one of them is a talented caregiver... They have been truly exemplary at providing care." - Emily C.

"Kwame continually exemplified medical professionalism, human values, and religious morals. He and my uncle formed a bond beyond the contract parameters. They truly liked and respected each other. Kwame is extremely caring and devoted to his duties and often went above and beyond. I sincerely believe that anyone in his care is not just lucky, they are blessed. Using your company name, he is not just an angel, but an archangel in his work. I would be eager to speak with any prospective client about their good fortune." - Rick H.

 "Our family recently used Visiting Angels of Cape May to care for our elderly father. We were quite satisfied with the services they provided and would recommend this company to those that are considering live-in home care!" - John L.

 "I like that they are so good and always looking to learn more about Alzheimer's and my dad's condition. They make sure that he is safe and take such good care of him." - Joseph O.

 "They are compassionate, extremely helpful in doing anything I ask him to do, and coordinate well with our other speech helper. They have very good communication and coordination." - John F.

 "Our caregiver, Sam, was unbelievable. She was so special and above and beyond caring, not just for my dad but for our whole family. She was caring." - Anonymous

 "Our caregiver from Visiting Angels is amazing, we have another CNA through Medicare who would come out but the caregiver from Visiting Angels was just more personable and family-oriented." - Mary R.

Serving Cape May & Cumberland Counties Including Areas of Gloucester and Salem Counties

Visiting Angels CAPE MAY, NJ
110 Roosevelt Blvd #109
Marmora, NJ 08223
Phone: 609-545-8258
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