Staying Healthy at Home with Ready-Set-Go Home Health Care in Marmora, Cape May, NJ, and Surrounding Areas

Visiting Angels Offers Transitional Home Health Care from the Hospital to the Home for Seniors in Marmora, Cape May, and Cumberland Counties - Including Portions of Salem and Gloucester Counties

When seniors are discharged from the hospital, it is very important to help them make a successful transition back to their home and normal life. Around 20% of seniors on Medicare who have been discharged are readmitted to the hospital within the first month of being back home. Because seniors have a far lower chance of recovery if they return to the hospital within those first 30 days, it is crucial to reduce or prevent hospital readmission.

At Visiting Angels of Cape May, we offer essential care for seniors who have recently had a stay at the hospital. Our Ready-Set-Go Home program is designed to provide help and support seniors make a healthy and successful transition home after hospitalization. This program focuses on home health and reducing the risk of readmission for your aging loved one throughout the weeks following a hospital discharge.

How We Can Help: Three-Steps to Avoid Hospital Readmission

Most hospital readmission can be prevented by strictly adhering to doctors’ orders. However, simple tasks surrounding home health can become more challenging for seniors after injury or illness. Sometimes, following doctors’ orders can be nearly impossible for seniors without additional assistance.

Ready-Set-Go Home is here to help your loved one receive all the support they need during this time of recovery. We also understand that no two people need the same type of care. This is why all of our services are tailored specifically to the needs and preferences of your loved one.

Ready-Set-Go Home Practices Three Steps to Help Your Loved One Stay Out of the Hospital

  1. At the Hospital. Ready-Set-Go Home begins when your loved one is still in the hospital. Here, our caregivers offer your loved one and your family support. When it is time for your loved one to be discharged, we can provide you with valuable information about the discharge process and tips about how to avoid readmission.
  2. At the Client’s Home. When your loved one is discharged, our professional caregivers help your loved one maintain their home health. We are there for your loved one when you can’t be there, or when you need a break from being a family caregiver. We also help keep your loved one safe and make sure they take their medication at the proper time, and we know why your loved one might skip a doctor’s visit or fail to follow the recommended recovery protocols.
  3. At the Office. Throughout your loved one’s recovery, Visiting Angels of Cape May will be there for your loved one and your family. We can identify which clients might have a higher risk of being re-hospitalized and can help reduce or prevent hospital visits. We can also help your loved one with medication and appointment reminders and can assist your loved one with transportation to appointments.

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If your loved one is in the hospital and may be discharged soon, consider contacting Visiting Angels of Cape May to help your loved one maintain their home health. To learn more or request a free consultation, call us at 609-604-8176  today.

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