When At Home Assistance Can Help in Greater Fairfield, CT

How Visiting Angels Helps Families in Fairfield, Trumbull, Westport, and Nearby Cities with Essential At Home Assistance Services

If you think you are alone in the process of trying to help an aging loved one, you are never alone! Here at Visiting Angels of Fairfield, we have compiled some of the most common situations that we have assisted with in the past in Fairfield, Trumbull, Westport, Shelton, and the surrounding area. To learn how your family can benefit from our at home assistance services, contact us today.

Visiting Angels of Fairfield Can Provide Various Home Care Options

Our caregivers are trained in a variety of at home assistance services to help provide home care for as many seniors as possible:

  • Alzheimer's Services - specialized care services for seniors struggling with the stages of Alzheimer's Disease
  • Dementia Care - we offer assistance to seniors with cognitive decline to keep them independent at home for longer
  • Fall Prevention - our caregivers are trained to the best practices of fall preventions to help seniors avoid dangerous accidents at home
  • End of Life Care - essential support and companionship to families with aging loved ones diagnosed with a limited life expectancy
  • Social Care - we help seniors stay connected to friends and family through texting, emailing, video chatting, and more
  • Ready-Set-Go Home - transitional care to help avoid hospital re-admission
  • Certified Palliative Care - we look after a senior's emotional, social, spiritual, and physical health
  • Personal Care - dignified assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, and more
  • Elderly Companion Care - assistance with daily tasks and activities
  • Respite Care - we offer respite to family caregivers so they can focus on their own needs and well-being

Real Questions From Real Families

My mother recently had surgery. Prior to this, she enjoyed many activities such as taking walks and getting together with friends. I am worried that she will lose her desire to do these things during her recovery. What can Visiting Angels of Fairfield do to help?

Visiting Angels of Fairfield has at home assistance services that can help your mother as she recovers from surgery. One of our home caregivers can assist her with personal tasks like bathing, transportation, meal preparation, and help her adhere to her medication schedule. Having someone helping your mother along the way, who also provides friendly companionship can give her an increased desire to go out and enjoy the social activities she was partaking in before!

I have a very independent mother who is definitely in need of assistance. I would love to be there for her, but I have to keep my job. She has already fallen and I am afraid she will fall again. She is refusing to allow me to hire a home caregiver. Any suggestions?

There are many reasons why your mother may be declining at home assistance services, such as having a “stranger” come into her home or embarrassment over the fact she can no longer completely care for herself or it could be a monetary issue, where she may feel uncomfortable spending money on a service that can be considered a “luxury.”

We try to alleviate these fears or concerns by providing a free, in-home visit that allows seniors a chance to learn more about Visiting Angels of Fairfield and the at home assistance services we provide. Our care coordinator can answer any of her questions and can go over any of her concerns she has with receiving in-home care. We can also discuss the ways that having a caregiver will allow her to preserve her independence. If you are afraid that she will fall again, she most likely is too. Usually, seniors want to stay in their homes rather than at a hospital or home care facility.  

If your mother is still unconvinced about receiving health care services from us, she is free to decline.

My father lives in an assisted living facility. He suffers from dementia and we do not feel like he is getting enough attention. We visit as much as we can but feel bad and don’t know what else to do. How can Visiting Angels of Fairfield help?

Most assisted living facilities have difficulty providing one-on-one care, especially if you are trying to avoid incurring additional charges. Visiting Angels of Fairfield can send a caregiver to visit your loved one a regular basis and often at an affordable cost. We offer multiple services for dementia care, like meal preparation, hygiene assistance, and companionship.

My dad is coming out of a rehab facility after experiencing a fall. He is very weak and still considered a fall risk. I work and cannot be with him all of the time, and he lives alone. What would you recommend?

Visiting Angels of Fairfield offers a fall prevention program that can help educate your family on the potential risk factors of falls in his home. There are many things that younger people would not consider a risk, but due to seniors having limited mobility and poor eyesight, everyday objects can become obstacles. Our caregivers can go over what potential obstacles are in his home and help rearrange they lay out to be more “senior friendly.”

We can assist in getting your father comfortable in his home by offering personal care services like meal preparation and hygiene care. Our caregivers can also assist with exercises and are Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), who are experts in the proper techniques for care. When he no longer requires our at home assistance services, you can stop our home care when you wish.

Against my recommendation, my mother hired someone from her church to be her home caregiver. The lady is very nice but she calls her own schedule and my mother is essentially on standby week to week. Sometimes she doesn’t come at all and then I have to miss work. What can I do to convince her?
This is very common, especially within communities that are based on helping others, but, with any volunteer work, the home care can vary from day to day.  When hiring a at home assistance service agency, your mother would receive care from a professional home caregiver who has choose this for his or her livelihood and is also held accountable for being there promptly and on time.

I am sure that your mother is having second thoughts about having a friend care for her and is aware of how it is affecting your life, as well. She may feel stuck in her situation and needs a solution. Scheduling a free in-home meeting just to discuss her options may help. Visiting Angels of Fairfield is recognized nationwide as being a quality at home assistance service agency and we can provide references to current or past home care recipients or their families whom your mother can contact to answer her questions.

My mother is 87 and lives with us. She loves this time of year, but I just do not have the time to help her with everything that she likes to do at Christmas. Do you do this kind of thing?

While our caregivers specialize in personal care, we also provide other at home assistance services like social care that can include assisting in daily activities like going to the park, meeting with friends, or partaking in shopping trips. Caregivers will also happily help her in preparing her living space for Christmas. We will put on some music and may even dance while we do it!

Why should I hire an agency to care for my father when it seems cheaper to hire someone privately?

Hiring privately it is rarely the best solution and is often risky, due to lack of management and accountability.  You will be required to provide payroll and there are unemployment taxes and insurance liability issues that you will be taking responsibility for, as well. Visiting Angels of Fairfield invests a significant amount of time and money when it comes to hiring our staff members, managing them carefully, and ensuring that our clients are always cared for and are safe.

Visiting Angels of Fairfield has an experienced team available to care for your father whenever he needs our at home assistance services the most. We also provide a variety of at home assistance services that can meet a long range of needs. To learn more about our services, contact us at 203-349-9567 today!

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